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The Best Hair Transplant
Surgeon in Turkey,
Dr. Ekrem Keskin

Looking for the best hair transplant experience yet have no idea where to start? Under the leadership of the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Capital Hair Center offers permanent solutions to hair loss.

About Dr Ekrem Keskin

About Dr. Ekrem Keskin

About Dr Ekrem Keskin

About our hair transplant surgeon,
Dr. Ekrem Keskin

The best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin, can give your hair back. You can also enjoy the medical hospitality of the best hair clinic in Turkey with Capital Hair Center.


Hair transplant in Turkey is a competitive arena. But that doesn’t make Dr. Ekrem Keskin shy away from the challenge of being the best hair transplant in Turkey. Because he’s the best, he is the head hair transplant surgeon of Capital Hair Center, and he leads his hair transplant team by example.

The Role of Our Hair Transplant Clinic,
Capital Hair Center

Capital Hair Center is the place to be if you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey. Our doctor offers permanent solutions to patients with hair loss. Dr. Ekrem Keskin’s 16 years of experience in plastic surgery. His expertise in hair transplant surgery come together. Dr. Ekrem Keskin’s experience in FUE transplant, DHI and Sapphire FUE transplants will make you choose him as your hair transplant doctor.

about dr ekrem keskin

Dr. Ekrem Keskin's experience in hair transplants

Our doctor, Dr. Ekrem Keskin, started working on hair transplant surgery technologies. He combined his expertise in plastic surgery with it.

Dr. Ekrem Keskin provides hair transplant operations to make his patients regain their hair from an aesthetic point of view. His successful hair transplant results make him the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey.

Get To Know Dr. Ekrem Keskin

Watch the video and get more information about hair transplant surgeon Dr. Ekrem Keskin.

About Dr Ekrem Keskin

Do you ever go to the dentist when you have problems with your kidneys? Or do you think that the solution is in the ear, nose and throat doctor when your arm is broken? We are sure that your answer is absolutely NO. 

It is the same thing that the plastic surgeon does the hair transplant. Compared to doctors specializing in different fields, plastic surgeons know the aesthetic side of the job very well. In this way, with the aesthetic point of view of the plastic surgeon, they draw the hairline, organize the distribution of the graft, and give a natural appearance to patients after the operation. 

For example, determining the hairline is one of the most important steps of hair transplantation. Being drawn too high or low completely changes the person's appearance. However, the point of view of a plastic surgeon is quite advanced. The plastic surgeon draws the line that fits your face perfectly and allows you to have a very natural looking hairline after hair transplantation.

For your hair transplant operation, get an appointment from Dr. Ekrem Keskin and regain your hair with the expertise of plastic surgeon.

Imagine that there is a problem in your heart and you need to have an operation. You would be worried, but you would feel safe in the hands of an experienced cardiologist, right? 

The same can be said for hair transplantation. For your hair transplant, you should leave it in the hands of the plastic surgeon who knows the skin and skin treatments very well, and does this with an aesthetic point of view. Dr. Ekrem Keskin synthesizes his experience of more than 19 years in the field of plastic surgery with hair transplantation and provides excellent results. 

You too, become one of Dr. Ekrem Keskin's patients and regain your natural looking hair!

There are many advantages of performing hair transplant by a plastic surgeon. Some of these advantages are:

✓ Knows the skin texture closely and dominates the scalp.
Determines the most suitable operation plan for the hair structure of the patients and closely witness the hair surface.
With an aesthetic point of view, determines the appropriate and correct hairline for the patient.
Calculates the graft distribution accurately.

Each doctor's area of expertise and achievements are different from each other. Plastic surgeons have an aesthetic point of view both in their education processes and through the experience they have gained over the years. Thanks to their aesthetic point of view, plastic surgeons can determine the hairline in the most ideal way according to the patient's facial structure, age and gender.

A hairline that is too low or high changes the patient's entire face ratio; and no matter ho  successful the hair transplant operation is, it does not give the desired appearance.

Think about it, would you go to a dentist for the treatment of your kidney? Your answer will be absolutely no, won't it? Each doctor's branch, the training they have received in this field and the experience they have gained are different from each other. During their education, plastic surgeons have a detailed knowledge of all the issues related to the skin and subcutaneous tissue on the body surface.

In addition, they treat patients in the treatment of wounds on the skin surface, skin problems, micro surgery procedures. That's why a plastic surgeon is an expert in the field of skin and can easily achieve successful and natural hair transplant results because they know the scalp in detail.




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