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How to Perform Hair Transplant Operation

Hair transplant is an exciting journey where you will get the hair of your dreams!



In the consultation, which is the first step of the hair transplant operation, you meet with our doctor. At this stage, you do not need to rush, all the attention and focus of our doctor will be on you during the consultation. Before the operation, you can ask all the questions that come to your mind to our doctor. Our doctor will answer all your questions in detail. 

Our doctor analyzes your scalp during the consultation, calculates the graft density, and determines the hairline that will suit you best and look natural.

Preparing the scalp

Hair is shaved in preparation for the operation. However, in some cases, it is possible to have unshaven hair transplant. You can decide with your doctor during the consultation whether you are suitable for unshaven hair transplant.


There are some steps you need to complete as you approach the operation step by step. At this stage, your pre-operation paperwork is completed and your photos are taken for later use. 

Operation Process

Local anesthesia is injected into your scalp to collect the grafts, which is the first stage of the operation. With local anesthesia, you will have a comfortable operation and you will not feel pain during the procedure. Since only local anesthesia is applied, you will be conscious throughout the entire operation. You can watch TV and read a book during the operation. 

Grafts suitable for hair transplant are placed in a special container and separated as single, double or multiple. 

Then the channel opening phase is started. The important point at this stage is that the hair follicles face the same direction. It is very important to open channels facing the same direction in order to capture a natural image.

In the last stage of the hair transplant operation, the grafts taken are planted in the opened channels and the operation is completed. 


After the operation, the points you need to pay attention to are explained by our team and you are sent off to your hotel to rest. 

The next day, we visit our clinic again and the medical dressing is done and you will be informed in detail about what you should pay attention to and the drugs you will use in the following processes.


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