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scalp care
after haır transplant

scalp care after hair transplant

In Scalp care after successfully completing the operation process, the next step is to ensure the healing and growth of the transplanted hair. There are important instructions that must be followed for the rapid recovery andgrowth of the transplanted hair.

Scalp Care After Hair Transplant

What Should Be Done After Hair Transplant Operation?

After the operation, your medical consultants will share with you the
details of what should be done. Among the things to consider are;

scalp care after hair transplant

What Should Be Done Immediately After Hair Transplant?

  • Heavy work that will cause you to sweat after the operation should be avoided. As a result of sweating, hair follicles can be damaged and healthy hair growth can be prevented. Both sports and sexual activity should be avoided.
  • You will be given medical drugs to help you recover after the operation.
    Alcohol should not be consumed for 15 days as the drug is used.
  • It is very important to protect the transplanted area from impacts. Take care that the transplanted area does not touch or get hit.

On the 2nd day of the operation, you visit the clinic again and get a dressing. During dressing, your bandages are opened and the first wash is done by our medical team. You will be told in detail what to do after the operation and how to wash your hair.

  • After the operation, you should protect your hair from sun rays & rain.
  • Avoid very hot environments such as Turkish bath and sauna.
  • Formed crusts are poured.
  • Special solutions and recommended shampoos given by the medical team should be used. Soft movements should be made during washing.
  • Be careful not to dry your hair with a hair dryer after washing. The hot air coming out of the blow dryer damages the hair follicles. You can use a towel instead of a blow dryer for drying.

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