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Why should ı get a hair transplant?

Hair loss is a condition that negatively affects the appearance of patients, as well as harms their self-confidence. Hair transplant operation; It offers a permanent solution to hair loss and aims to restore the patient’s hair.

Why should I get a hair transplant - Why Hair Transplant

5 reasons to have a hair transplant?

Natural Appearance

The most important factor in the preference of hair transplantation by
patients is to have natural-looking hair. From the outside, no one will
understand that you have had a hair transplant unless you tell them. However, in order to achieve natural-looking hair, you should choose your
doctor well; You should pay attention to the fact that he is experienced
and equipped in the field.

Plastic Surgeon Expertise

There are doctors in many branches who do hair transplantation. However,
if you want to have a perfect experience in hair transplantation, you
should choose a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon not only knows the skin
structure and scalp, but also has an aesthetic point of view. When the two
pieces of equipment come together, they bring you the look you dream of
in a healthy way.

Painless Operation

Hair transplant operation is not a painful or painful procedure. Local anesthesia applied before the operation allows you to pass the operation in a very comfortable and comfortable way. If you wish, you can choose the Pain Free Anesthesia method and choose to apply the anesthesia directly to your scalp with the help of pressure. This method is also frequently preferred by patients who have a fear of needles.

Increasing Self Confidence

Hair loss causes patients to look older and tired than they are. Hair transplant operation helps patients regain their hair and increases their self confidence.

Permanent solution

Hair transplant operation offers a permanent solution. The transplanted hair will stay on your scalp permanently and you do not have to worry about shedding again.

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