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Why is Dr. Ekrem Keskin is the best hair transplant doctor for your afro hair ?

Dr. Ekrem Keskin is the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey when it comes to Afro hair. Dr. Ekrem Keskin is experienced at hair transplant surgeries and the newest techniques in his profession. Dr. Ekrem Keskin expertise on Afro Hair makes him the best surgeon for Afro hair. 

The best Afro hair transplant in Turkey

why turkey / ıstanbul ıs the capıtal of the AFRO haır transplant?

When an Afro hair transplant candidate contacts us at Capital Hair Center, they ask us multiple questions based on their hair type and which hair transplant technique would better fit them. You can find some of the questions answered here. 

Can an Afro-type Hair Transplant candidate get a successful hair transplant ?

The answer to this is yes. Hair transplant work for patients with Afro hair. The surgeon needs to be experienced with Afro hair. More than that, a hair transplant surgeon who is an expert in Afro hair will ensure that the Afro hair transplant candidate gets a FOX test. During the FOX (follicular unit extraction) test, the hair transplant surgeon extracts approximately 100 grafts from the scalp donor area and evaluates how many of the extracted follicular units are complete or incomplete. The patient is eligible for an FUE hair transplant if complete units are easily extracted. The thickness of the dermis is also crucial for a successful follicular unit extraction. 

Afro Hair Transplant
Afro Hair Transplant
Afro Hair Transplant

Afro-type Hair Transplant

Which hair transplant surgery technique is better for an Afro American hair transplant candidate?

The FUE and DHI techniques are better surgery options for patients with Afro hair who seek hair transplants for Afro hair. Afro hair is not just curly when it’s longer, but the roots of Afro hair are also curly, and only an experienced hair transplant surgeon would know to harvest grafts from the patient’s scalp without damaging the root. Also, hair transplant techniques like FUT are not recommended for most Afro hair transplant candidates because of possible keloid scars. It is the hair transplant surgeon’s responsibility to ask the patient if they’re prone to develop keloid scars, and it’s also the patient’s responsibility to inform the hair transplant surgeon if they’re prone to develop keloid scars. This kind of scarring would harm the scalp and make hair transplants unsuccessful. This is why a hair transplant procedure like FUE and DHI is recommended for Afro hair transplant candidates.

Afro Hair Transplant

If you want to see one of our patient’s successful Afro hair transplant experience you can listen to them yourself!

Why is Sapphire FUE a better option for an Afro hair transplant candidate?

A hair transplant technique like Sapphire FUE makes the incisions on the scalp even smaller than the traditional FUE technique. Sapphire tips make sure that the scarring is minimal and the recovery period is faster. 

Why is the DHI technique better for an Afro hair transplant candidate?

During the DHI surgery, the hair transplant process consists of two steps: a total acquisition and transplant of the hair follicles. Using the Choi pen during the procedure ensures that the grafts are collected, and those collected without opening the canal are placed directly on the scalp. Opening the canal is skipped; therefore, the surgery is completed in a shorter time in a more comfortable setting for the patient. 

Afro Hair Transplant

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