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Why Turkey / Istanbul is the capital of the hair transplant?

It would not be wrong to say that Turkey is the capital of hair transplant. Turkey is preferred by thousands of patients for hair transplant operation every year. Well, Turkey is preferred so much in hair transplant?

5 reasons for hair transplant in Turkey?

Reasonable Prices

Compared to other countries, Turkey offers very reasonable prices.
Especially due to the exchange rate difference, operation fees are cheaper
compared to other countries.

Advanced technology

New and up-to-date hair transplant methods are followed closely. Hair transplant methods such as FUE and Sapphire FUE, which do not leave any scars and offer rapid healing, are closely followed.

All Inclusive Services

The service you will receive is not limited to hair transplant only. Services such as flight tickets, luxury hotel accommodation, airport transfer are also easily arranged and a high quality comfortable service is provided to the patient.

Expert Doctors in the Field

Since Turkey has been preferred in the field of hair transplant for many years, the doctors are well-equipped and knowledgeable. Doctors and medical teams, who are experts in their fields and have been doing this procedure for many years, ensure successful results in the field of hair transplant.

Post-Operation Long-Term Control

Hair transplant is not a process that is completed immediately after the operation. It should be followed closely for months or even several years, and the patient’s recovery process should be closely monitored. With the long-term post operation control provided after the operation, the patient is checked frequently and the results of the operation are followed closely.

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