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Hair transplant Procedure

Deciding to get a hair transplant is a challenging decision. First, a person must find out if they need a hair transplant surgery to get their hair back. Once the hair transplant is the only way to get someone’s hair’s old glory days, the real work begins, which is why they need to find the best hair transplant option. The question is about more than finding the best hair transplant surgeon or the best hair clinic for themselves. Even though these two are related to the most crucial question for hair transplant candidates to ask themselves and the hair transplant professionals: What is the best hair transplant procedure for them?

Hair Transplant Procedure Step by Step

Do Your Research & Choose Your Hair Clinic

There are many hair transplant methods and different hair transplant procedures to research. If you decide to get a hair transplant surgery, we advise our future patients to know what a hair transplant procedure is about. Some candidates think a hair transplant surgery is just a minor procedure, which needs to be more accurate. A hair transplant procedure is also surgery. Hair transplant surgeons also specialize in hair transplant procedures and can show the hair transplant candidates how serious a hair transplant procedure can be. 

A hair transplant surgery candidate should contact more than one hair clinic and more than one surgeon. You may always go back to the first hair clinic you get in contact with, but it doesn’t mean that you should choose the first hair clinic that you see. Ask your physician. Ask your family doctor. Is a hair transplant procedure actually for you? Will you benefit from a hair transplant procedure in the long run? A hair transplant candidate should also ask these questions to the hair clinics they get in contact with. 

Turkey has been the center for successful hair transplant surgeries and has many hair transplant clinics. Having so many options makes finding the right hair transplant clinic and the best hair transplant surgeon for you even more vital for your health. It is one of the reasons why we at Capital Hair Center offer free medical consultation sessions with our medical assistants. Our medical assistants are your direct link to our hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Ekrem Keskin, the best hair transplant in Turkey. An excellent medical consultant will inform you what kind of hair transplant procedure you need or if you need a hair transplant procedure. One of the earlier questions that our medical consultants ask is if you have any medical condition or any chronic illness that would prevent you from getting a hair transplant procedure. You should be forthright about your answers and tell our medical consultants what other treatments you have received before consulting Capital Hair Center. Capital Hair Center provides our patients with different hair transplant procedures. Our medical consultants will give you an initial assessment after your free consultation session and tell you which method might be the best for you. 

We also suggest you ask our medical consultant about our hair transplant treatment packages before you book your plane ticket. Our treatment packages include accommodation and driving service, but we wouldn’t want you to arrange at least one sightseeing in the ever-beautiful Istanbul. Refrain from alcohol and smoking and listen to the instructions our medical consultant will provide for you. 


The consultation before the hair transplant surgery will happen between you and the hair transplant surgeon. During this consultation, the surgeon asks you the previous questions you answered for the medical consultant and new questions based on the type of hair loss and how the surgeon can proceed. The consultation is when you can ask your questions directly to the hair transplant surgeon. These questions can be about the hair clinic you are at, the surgeon’s expertise, and your hair transplant journey moving forward. During the consultation, you should be able to ask questions you think haven’t been answered yet. 

Prepare the Scalp and the Rest of Your Body

Before the operation, a hair transplant patient doesn’t have to cut their hair. The medical staff of the hair clinic will do that for the operation. Especially if you and your doctor decided on a DHI operation, the medical staff wouldn’t be cutting and/or shaving your hair. As mentioned above, hair transplant patients should refrain from alcohol, smoking, and other unhealthy substances. Our medical team will warn you about what not to do beforehand, so we advise you to listen to their instructions. 

The hair clinic also has its preparations, and staff contact you to work with you before the hair transplant operation. For example, you will have to take a scalp test, blood tests, and other tests like EKG. You also may have to share your medical history again. During this preparation, we advise you to share all your medical history and keep all information private. As medical professionals, Capital Hair Center employees have no prejudices toward any medical condition. 

Operation Itself

On the operation day, we recommend you wear comfortable clothes. Our medical staff will also inform you about your clothes and how you can be most comfortable. 

Operation length differs based on the procedure a hair transplant patient gets. The time length of a Sapphire FUE surgery is different than a DHI surgery. Additional treatments like OzonFect may also affect the length of the surgery. 

During the hair transplant surgery, the anesthesiologist will inject local anesthesia into your scalp to collect the hair grafts. The anesthesiologist’s work will be the first stage of your hair transplant operation. Thanks to local anesthesia, you will have a comfortable operation and not feel during the procedure. Because it is local anesthesia, you will be conscious throughout the operation. You can watch TV, read a book or even talk to your surgeon and the medical staff during the procedure. We have to warn you, though. Your surgeon and the medical team might be too busy time-to-time to answer you!

After collecting the hair grafts, the hair transplant staff will place the viable hair grafts into a special container and separate these hair follicles as single, double, or multiple. 

The next stage is the channel opening on your scalp. This phase is significant because your surgeon must be skilled and consistent. It is crucial to open channels facing the same direction during the channel opening to capture a natural image.

The last stage will be hair transplantation. Your surgeon will plant the hair grafts into the opened channels and complete the operation. 

During the surgery, it is essential to have a medical staff that works in unison with the surgeon. The surgeon may be the star of a hair transplant surgery, but the harmony between the hair transplant surgeon and the hair transplant team is crucial during a successful surgery. 


After the operation, our medical staff will ensure that you are healthy and ready for your first night after your hair transplant surgery. Our Capital Hair Center team will take you to your hotel with the car service we provide. The hotel is also notified about your surgery, and its staff knows the day of your surgery in case you need medical assistance, and they need to contact us. You need to get a good night’s sleep. Our medical staff will also share the points you need to pay attention to get a good night’s sleep without damaging your hair grafts. 

Our car services will again take you to our hair clinic the next day. Our medical staff will take care of your medical dressing when you come to our clinic and give you your first hair wash. Even though your surgery area is healed enough to return home after three days, you still have to care for yourself and your surgery area with utmost care. Our medical staff will provide information on how to wash hair using unique products. You must wash your hair the same way our medical team washes it during the first wash.

We, as Capital Hair Center, will do follow-ups on your progress. We may request photos from you time-to-time to learn more about your progress and how to help you if any problems occur once you go back home. 

After a week of your surgery, you can get supplements to speed up the healing process. However, we advise you to take these supplements based on your test results and the knowledge that your physician may provide you when you visit them after your surgery. 

It is also essential to avoid subjecting yourself to harsher weather conditions during your first days. 

Everything you have to do after your hair transplant surgery will be provided for you by our medical staff. We always recommend you keep in contact with our medical consultants. Capital Hair Center will be doing follow-ups for a year; however, the frequency of our follow-ups will change once your healing is complete, and all you need to do is to be patient and wait for your new hair to grow. 


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