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Why Capital Hair Center

Hair transplant in Turkey is more desired than ever and racing to the top is always steep. Let’s look at why Turkey is the hair capital of the world and why Capital Hair Center is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

When it comes to hair transplants, Turkey has become the hair capital of the world. Thanks to Turkey’s advanced medical tourism options and the expertise of its hair transplant doctors, Turkey welcomes hair transplant patients from every corner of the world. Even though hair transplants in the US or hair transplants in the UK make their hair transplant treatments more attractive compared to the rest of the world, hair transplant clinics in Turkey are always unmatched thanks to their doctors and their years of experience. 

Why in Turkey, Hair Transplant Is the Best Option?

Advanced Medical Tourism Practices

Turkey has always been a popular spot for tourists even just for sightseeing. But for the last twenty years, the business acumen of Turkish tourism has also become a part of medical tourism. In Turkey, hair transplants always have to be safe because simply, its government doesn’t want it any other way. Cooperating with the National Tourism Ministry of Turkey, the National Health Ministry of Turkey ensures that hair transplant clinics are led by licensed doctors and medical professionals. This is one of the reasons why hair transplant results in Turkey are almost always successful the activities of hair transplant clinics are heavily monitored by efficient ministries.

Affordable Hair Transplant Options

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is more affordable compared to the cost of a hair transplant in the US and the cost of a hair transplant in the UK. Most people assume that this is because of the exchange rate of the Turkish lira. Even though it’s an additional factor, hair transplant operations aren’t more affordable because of the exchange rate. Hair transplant cost in Turkey is more affordable for most patients because of the hair transplant treatment packages that Turkish hair transplant clinics provide for their patients. 

When a hair transplant candidate decides to come to Turkey, the clinic they choose not only provides the patient with a hair transplant operation but also with accommodation and car services. The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey will also ensure that you will get additional services like PRP therapy and first wash after the hair transplant operation as well. 

Hair Capital of Turkey: Istanbul

A hair transplant candidate will notice that most advanced hair transplant clinics in Turkey are in Istanbul. Even though Istanbul isn’t the capital of Turkey, it certainly is the hair capital of Turkey. Hair transplant clinics in Istanbul are the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey and for good reasons too.

It’s no secret that Istanbul is a diverse, global city that contains multitudes in itself. Because of its diverse and inclusive culture, Istanbul is at the center of medical tourism. The best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul is not-so-surprisingly is also the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey because of the service it provides and the medical professionals it works with.

Imagine: The hair transplant clinic in Turkey you’re going for the operation is close to the Bosphorus and your hotel is right next to the coast of Istanbul. For hair transplant patients who come to Istanbul for hair transplant, this can easily be their reality. Not only sites like Bosphorus but also historical sites like Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul is home to countless historical gems and secrets to discover. You can sip your Turkish coffee and appreciating the inclusive culture that Istanbul has.

Because of its medical practices, work availabilities, and esteemed education options, Istanbul is one of the more popular cities in Turkey for the most qualified doctors and the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey is no option. A Turkish doctor can have their medical education from the finest Istanbul universities and open a successful hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. Some doctors still come back to Turkey after years of experience in other countries because when it comes to medical practices, Istanbul is better than most global cities and has more opportunities.

Hair Transplant at Capital Hair Center

We at Capital Hair Center provide the best hair transplant methods and medical practices to our patients which make us the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. 

At Capital Hair Center, we don’t set our treatment prices based on graft counts our patients need to be based on the degree of their hair loss. Our treatment packages are based on hair transplant methods. However, all our hair transplant treatment packages include certain services that cannot be wavered by Capital Hair Center. For example, all our patients are entitled to PRP therapy and the first wash after their hair transplant operations. Our patients can also benefit from additional treatments like stem cell therapy and Ozonfect

Capital Hair Center’s medical specialists are more than technicians. Esteemed and experienced trichologists work with our doctors to provide the best hair transplant methods and how our patients can benefit the most from the services we can provide. Being the best isn’t the easiest job but our medical specialists are certainly up to the task and excel at it. 

At Capital Hair Center, our medical consultants assist our patients every step of the way. From the first contact to the post-op monitoring, our medical consultants provide their expertise to help our patients. With multilingual language support, our patients never need to struggle with language barriers during their stay in Istanbul or feel worried after they go back home

You may be worried about getting to our hair transplant clinic once you come to Istanbul, but you don’t need to! Within its extensive hair transplant treatment packages, Capital Hair Center also provides accommodation and car services. Once your plane lands, your VIP car will be at the airport to welcome you to Istanbul. During your stay, our car services will also take you to your hotel as well as carry you back and forth between your hotel and Capital Hair Center. You can always contact the medical consultant for questions and help. Capital Hair Center’s teammates will always be reachable. 

The Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey: Dr. Ekrem Keskin

Last but certainly not least, Capital Hair Center is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey thanks to our leader, Dr. Ekrem Keskin. The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin has years of experience in hair transplant surgeries as well as plastic surgery. To be the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, having education and experience in plastic surgery is essential which is why Dr. Ekrem Keskin is the best in hair transplant operations. Our patients have the best and the most natural hair transplant operations thanks to Dr. Ekrem Keskin’s expertise. Because Dr. Ekrem Keskin is the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, we at Capital Hair Center have talented medical professionals to work with Dr. Ekrem Keskin. Also training his team for different hair transplant methods, Dr. Ekrem Keskin is THE hair transplant doctor in Turkey when you decide to get a hair transplant in Turkey. 


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