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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary non-scalpel treatment that is used in every kind of recovery in the health sector. Stem cells can be seen as the highest level of cells in someone’s body. Other cells in our bodies are the continuation of stem cells since they are reproduced through stem cells. Stem cell therapy renews skin cells and renewing skin cells means essentially a faster recovery period. Because of this, stem cell therapy for any kind of damaged cell is the easiest thing a person’s body can do thanks to a skilled surgeon.

At Capital Hair Center, stem cells to treat our patients are taken from the abdomen area, more specifically the fat tissue. This area is rife with stem cells and using them to create stem cell transplants shortens the recovery period for our patients as well as other benefits. After the fat tissue is harvested and put through centrifugation to separate the stem cells from the fat tissue. These concentrated stem cells are then immediately injected into the scalp. After the stem cell injection, the cells start to renew themselves and the patient becomes readier than even for their hair transplant operation.

Stem Cell Treatment and Hair Transplant

As mentioned above, stem cell therapies are highly beneficial to damaged cells in any part of the body. A person’s scalp after a hair transplant operation is no exception to this. Since hair transplant doctors in Turkey realized that their hair transplant patients can also benefit from stem cell therapy, stem cell technologies became a part of hair transplant operations. Yes, stem cell therapy does shorten the recovery period for patients thanks to its healing qualities. But it also strengthens the existing hair of patients who get anxious about further hair loss. Unlike medicinal treatments, stem cell injection’s source is a person’s own body and it’s not as invasive as medicinal treatment which means it can’t wreak havoc on someone’s health since their body doesn’t need to adapt to a foreign agent.

Stem cell therapy’s benefit on hair transplant operations was first realized by Turkish hair transplant doctors. Because of the medical acumen of hair transplant operations, hair transplant doctors in Turkey became also the leaders of the revolutionary treatment of stem cell transplant for hair transplant operations.

Unlike medicinal treatments, stem cell therapy is a long-term therapy type which makes the therapy similar to PRP treatment. Whereas PRP therapy is stemmed from platelet-rich plasmas from the blood, therapy by stem cell injection is stemmed from the stem cells from the fat tissue from a person’s own body.

Hair Transplant Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

While having a hair transplant treatment as well as stem cell therapy, a patient’s schedule for a hair transplant treatment changes, and a day is added to their treatment:

On day Zero, or Arrival Day, a hair transplant patient arrives in Turkey, hair transplant clinic welcomes their patients with a car service and puts them into their hotel room. Depending on the schedule, a patient also has a consultation session with the hair transplant doctor regarding their operation and the treatment plan they receive. They also go through scalp analysis to get the hair transplant doctor more informed about their situation.

On the first day of the treatment, a hair transplant patient gets stem cell therapy. The medical professionals of the hair transplant clinic get the fat tissue from the abdomen and separate the stem cells in their labs. Later on, the stem cells are immediately injected into the patient’s scalp. Once the stem cell injection is completed, the patient goes back to their hotel.

The hair transplant patient rests and recuperates for the hair transplant operation in their hotel. Some patients may feel better enough to discover the area but the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey always recommends their patients get their bodies ready for the next day of operation.

The third day is the big day because the hair transplant patient gets their hair transplant operation! Their scalp is already ready thanks to stem cell therapy. The hair transplant doctor and their medical team go into the hair transplant operation and after the operation, the patient again goes to their hotel to recuperate. It should be mentioned that the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey always offers car services to their patients so a patient doesn’t have to deal with finding an appropriate car service to pick themselves up from the hotel or the hair transplant clinic.

After the hair transplant operation, the hair transplant clinic again picks up its patient from their hotel to bring them to the hair transplant clinic’s location. On the fourth day, a hair transplant patient is given the first wash. During the first wash, the scalp gets cleaned by the medical crew of the hair transplant clinic but also the hair transplant professionals inform the patient how to take care of their scalp and later on, their new hair.

Finally, the hair transplant patient is recovered enough to go back home! The car service of the hair transplant clinic picks up the patient from their hotel for the last time and leaves them at the airport for their flight. Once the patient goes back home, the hair transplant clinic does follow-ups to monitor the progress of the patient. The follow-up period lasts for a year.

Stem Cell Therapy and Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer stem cell technologies to patients who are eligible for the treatment. If a patient’s hair loss is drastic and somehow aggressive or they suffer from hair thinning on top of their hair loss, stem cell therapy might be the very thing these patients need. Because both hair loss in men and hair loss in women can benefit from stem cell therapy, our patients at Capital Hair Center can utilize this treatment regardless of their gender. However, it should be noted that sometimes stem cell therapy alone can treat female hair loss with utmost efficiency while offering support to prevent male hair loss for hair loss in men.

The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey can offer stem cell therapy as a part of a patient’s hair transplant operation treatment package. Because the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey will also be an expert on the benefits of stem cell therapy, the hair transplant clinic’s treatment packages will contain stem cell therapy. It should be mentioned that stem cell therapy is an effective hair loss treatment in itself, so you may want to afford this therapy by itself or as a part of an extensive hair loss treatment package.

In Turkey, hair transplant clinics add an extra day if a patient decides to take stem cell therapy. When a patient chooses stem cell therapy at a clinic in Turkey, hair transplant clinic’s first day involves getting the stem cells from the patient’s body. The next day, the patient comes for a consultation session with the clinic’s doctor. During this consultation session, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey also informs their patients how stem cell therapy will proceed and how the fat cells that are taken from them will be used for their hair transplant operation.


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