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What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss also known as alopecia is a normal human condition that anyone can experience in their lifetime. There can be many reasons for hair loss such as nutritional deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, various health problems, and genetic predisposition. When someone experiences hair loss, their first instinct can be to take big steps to fix the problem such as a hair transplant

Before deciding on a hair transplant in Turkey, we recommend our patients find out the causes of their hair loss. There can be many reasons for a person to suffer from hair loss. While some of these reasons can be fixed with healthy lifestyle choices, the rest can only be fixed by a hair transplant operation. We gathered some of the causes of hair loss. 

Causes of Hair Loss

1. Your Diet

Having a balanced diet can be one of the more obvious reasons for both hair loss in men and hair loss in women. In case someone doesn’t benefit from a nutritionist or becomes malnourished even though they think they may be eating healthily. This is why one of the first specialist doctors a person should see is a doctor who is specialized in internal medicine which brings us to the second cause of hair loss. 

2. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Even if you have a balanced diet and do everything you’re supposed to do, you may still experience hair loss due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Especially vitamins like Vitamin D can cause hair loss even though people tend to think that only iron deficiencies and vitamin B deficiencies cause hair loss which is why you should ask for a detailed blood test when you go to a specialist in internal medicine. 

3. Medications

It’s true! The thing that makes you better may cause hair loss. Certain hormone medicines, antidepressants, diabetes, and birth control pills may cause hair loss. If a medication is a cause for hair loss, a person can always visit their doctor and adjust their doses or use an alternative medicine if possible. 

4. Stress

Being stressed doesn’t only cause acne! Problems like anxiety, depression, and excessive stress may cause hair loss. If the source of the stress is solved whether, with medications or behavioral therapy, hair loss can stop. 

5. Hair Style Choices

Are you tying yourself too tight? Are there too many chemicals in your hair products? They may be the cause of hair loss easily! Even if there’s nothing physically wrong with you, using cosmetic products that are harmful to your hair may cause hair loss. Once you replace the products with healthier alternatives, hair loss will lessen and eventually stop.

6. Pregnancy

One of the most obvious causes of hair loss in women can be pregnancy. Because of the hormonal changes in their bodies, women tend to lose hair during pregnancy. They can also experience hair loss after birth which is why it’s called postpartum shedding. Even though it’s fairly common, hair loss in women due to pregnancy is no easy feat for any woman. 

7. Genetic Predisposition

Last but not least, your genetic predisposition. Are there other people in your family who experienced hair loss? Is your father bald? Is your maternal grandfather bald? Are there women in your family who experienced hair loss?

Male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss happen because of our genetic predisposition. Even though other causes may be easily fixed with changes to our lives, hair loss due to genetic predisposition may be permanent for us. This is where hair transplant in Turkey becomes the best and may be the only option. Hair loss due to genetic predisposition can be stopped with medicinal and medical treatments like PRP therapy, stem cell therapy, and OzonFect. However, most of these treatments focus on keeping the existing hair. To get your hair back, you may want to have a hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey is quite popular and completely safe thanks to the strict regulations of the National Health Ministry of Turkey. Even though most hair transplant clinics in Turkey are safe, finding the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey is not the easiest task. The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey will be providing their services with hair transplant treatments rather than pricing their services based on graft count and individual services. We at Capital Hair Center are the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey not only because of our years of experience and our treatment packages but also years of experience and talent of our doctor, Dr. Ekrem Keskin

The Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey

As the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin is a renowned surgeon who has countless patients and successful hair transplant results. Thanks to his years as a successful plastic surgeon, Dr. Ekrem Keskin has his aesthetic view that differentiates him from other hair transplant doctors in Turkey. Hair transplant operations are the only and the most permanent way to fix hair loss problems. Thanks to the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, our hair transplant patients no longer suffer from hair loss.




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