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Women Hair Transplant

Effects such as stress brought by modern life, unhealthy diet and genetic factors cause hair loss in women. Baldness, which occurs as a result of advanced hair loss, negatively affects the psychology of women. 
Offering a permanent solution to this problem, female hair transplant has become an operation frequently preferred by women in recent years. The biggest factor in making female hair transplant attractive, which provides permanent results, is “unshaven hair transplant”. 
There is no need for a complete haircut in female hair transplant. It is sufficient to shave only the donor area in the nape area. Since the nape area is camouflaged with other hair, women can easily return to their daily lives.

Women Hair Transplant

How is the Hairline Determined in Women Hair Transplant?

One of the biggest problems experienced by women is the regression of the hairline. With hair transplant, the forehead can be narrowed in accordance with the facial features. At this point, it is of great importance that women hair transplant is performed by a plastic surgeon. It is of great importance to determine the hairline of women in a way that suits their facial features and suits their face types. 

Incorrectly determined hairline will never achieve the dreamed appearance. However, since the hairline determined by the plastic surgeon is determined from an aesthetic point of view, there is no disappointment after the operation.

Women Hair Transplant

Women Hair Transplant

What Is The Importance of Preferring A Plastic Surgeon In Women Hair Transplantation?

It is very important that hair transplantation is performed by a plastic surgeon. With an aesthetic point of view, the plastic surgeon easily determines the hairline suitable for women and ensures that the hairline is suitable for the face type.

The plastic surgeon, who knows the scalp closely, ensures that the operation is easy and comfortable and helps patients achieve the look they dream of.

In men’s hair transplant, it is generally preferred to shave the hair completely. However, there is no need for this in women hair transplant. It is sufficient to shave only the donor area. Only a certain area is shaved from the nape area, which is used as a donor area. The shaved area is easily camouflaged with the help of other long hair.

Local anesthesia is applied by specialists before the operation. While under the influence of local anesthesia, no pain or pain is felt.

Thanks to the developing hair transplant techniques, there is no scar after the operation.

One of the reasons why women frequently prefer hair transplant is that they want to narrow their large forehead areas. Thanks to women hair transplant, the forehead area, which is much wider than normal, can be narrowed in accordance with the face type and gives women patients a more aesthetic appearance.


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