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How to Prevent Hair Loss

Both hair loss in men and hair loss in women can dent one’s self-confidence. Even though hair loss may seem like a non-issue or a part of aging for some people, for others hair loss is a huge blow to self-worth. Because hair loss is a big deal for a lot of people, health professionals tried to find countless solutions for hair loss. Not only hair loss in men but also hair loss in women has been researched and is still being researched as problems that need solving.

Hair Loss May Indicate Underlying Health Issues

Are you under a lot of stress? Are you anemic? Have you got COVID-19? A lot of health issues may be the real reason for hair loss. Especially temporary hair loss also known as telogen effluvium may stem from health problems. However, most people focus on hair loss without trying to root out the real problem. What should you do if you want to know the reason for your hair loss?

Visit Your Family Doctor

If you have a family doctor who knows both your and your family’s medical history, visiting them may be your best way to find out why you’re losing hair. Does either of your parents’ family have a history of baldness? If you are suffering from male pattern baldness and your father doesn’t suffer from baldness, look into your mother’s family history. Sometimes this genetic heritage comes from the maternal side of the family and in this case, hair loss may be aggressive and your only option may be a hair transplant operation.

What If A Hair Transplant Operation Is the Only Option For You?

If you discover that your only option to prevent hair loss is a hair transplant operation, that may be good news for you! Even though hair transplant operations are still scrutinized for their effectiveness, years of successful results and permanent solutions show that a hair transplant operation is indeed the permanent solution for both hair loss in men and hair loss in women. In Turkey, hair transplant clinics offer several hair loss solutions including hair transplant operations. When people see celebrity transformations like Elon Musk’s hair transplant, Machine Gun Kelly’s hair transplant and David Beckham’s hair transplant, hair transplant operations are no longer taboo and they’re a sure way to cure hair loss, especially hair loss in men.

The Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey is much more affordable than in the UK and in the US. Because Turkish hair transplant doctors were the first ones to popularize the hair transplant sector, you may think that the higher the price better the results but this is not true.

National Health Regulations

In Turkey, hair transplant clinics are monitored and regulated by Turkish National Health Ministry. So, if a hair transplant clinic starts to provide their services based on unethical prices, chances are this hair transplant clinic will gain unpopular attraction even if it was the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Hair transplant may seem like a cosmetic surgery, it’s still a health issue that is founded on ethics.

Hair Loss Treatment Packages

The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey does not offer a single hair transplant operation whose price will change based on graft count. When a person decides to come to Turkey for hair transplantation, they will be choosing a service based on several hair loss treatment packages. This is where Turkey’s medical tourism truly shines. Because the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey will offer accommodation and car services for multiple days as well as hair transplant operation, consultation, and other services. When a person considers everything that is included in a hair loss treatment package in Turkey, hair transplant cost in Turkey becomes more affordable compared to European hair transplant clinics.

Exchange Rate

Hair transplant in Turkey is in no way more affordable based on the Turkish lira’s exchange rate but the exchange rate does help in a way. For example, a hair transplant operation is not easily affordable for a Turkish citizen. In the end, hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide a detailed and extensive medical service to their patients. So, hair transplant cost in Turkey may look more convenient and affordable to most people from the US or Europe but in fact, the cost difference makes sense when you think of the cutting-edge technologic equipment the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey works with.

The Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey

You decided to have a hair transplant in Turkey, you even found the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. But what about the doctor who will do your hair transplant operation? Most people assume that the medical technicians matter the most for a hair transplant operation but this isn’t accurate. The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey is always involved in their patients’ operations. They also make sure that not only medical technicians but also specialists like trichologists are involved in their patients’ hair transplant operations. For example, we at Capital Hair Center have expert trichologists as well as separate teams for different hair transplant methods. This is a testament to the expertise of our doctor, Dr. Ekrem Keskin. The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin does the consulting sessions, scalp analysis as well as hair transplant operations for his patients. Because of his experience and skill at plastic surgery, our patients have natural hair transplant results, and before and after hair transplant results of our patients show that hair loss is not a destiny that you need to suffer.




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