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Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Before deciding on a hair transplant operation, many people with hair loss first try to get their hair back with medicinal support. Some of these methods may help strengthen hair follicles but when it comes to growing hair in the areas with hair loss, a hair transplant is the only solution that will provide hair in those areas on the scalp. Most people assume that hair transplant is temporary just like medicinal solutions. This conviction is only fortified by people who still experience hair loss after their hair transplant operation. However, this conviction is not factual by any means.

Shock Loss

Two or three months after a hair transplant operation, hair transplant patients experience shock loss. Shock loss happens to the hair around the hair grafts and not to the hair grafts. This hair loss is not permanent hair will grow again as well as grafts will provide new hair strands to the patients. Shock loss is a natural part of a hair transplant operation. So when you question “After hair transplant how long does it take to grow your new hair?” shock loss becomes a part of this question. Your hair will grow in a year but during that year, you will also experience shock loss. In the end, you will get to have your natural hair with no complications.

Diffuse Thinning

Diffuse thinning can happen to anyone and it doesn’t happen to just people who experience male pattern hair loss. Hair loss in women can also show itself as diffuse thinning. For diffuse thinning, medical treatments like OzonFect, stem cell therapy, and PRP therapy can provide strong hair follicles. It has to be noted that with diffuse thinning, you don’t necessarily experience hair loss but your existing hair gets thinner and brittle. Medical treatments provide extra strength to a person’s hair. However, transplanted hair follicles don’t experience diffuse thinning. Even if the rest of your hair experiences diffuse hair, your hair grafts will stay healthy and strong in their original form


Yes, it is true. Especially if you have a male pattern hair loss, your hair loss may continue even after a hair transplant operation. This is one of the reasons why we recommend our patients wait at least until the age of 25 for a hair transplant operation. If your hair loss hasn’t yet stopped, you should be aware that you may still lose your hair after a hair transplant operation. The transplanted hair won’t suffer from male pattern hair loss since it’s a permanent solution but it doesn’t mean your hair loss will stop in other areas of your scalp. A person’s hair loss is apparent after the age of 25 and there’s a good chance that their hair loss won’t progress after that age if they use medicinal treatment to stop the hair loss. However, if a patient decides to have a hair transplant in Turkey, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey will inform you that you may experience further hair loss on the rest of your scalp and you may need another hair transplant operation in the future. This is why, the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Capital Hair Center always informs its patients before their operation but also want to learn the history of hair loss from its patients. If your medical history isn’t complete, your hair transplant operation cannot be the success that we and our patients achieve it to be.

Why Should You Choose a Turkish Hair Transplant Clinic for the Operation?

Turkish hair transplant clinics were the first clinics that turned hair transplant operations more than surgical methods. Right now, when it comes Turkey hair transplant operations are a big part of medical tourism and the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer more than an operation. Going to a Turkish hair transplant clinic is now also a fulfilling experience where you can experience the historical beauties of Turkey as well as get a hair transplant in Turkey with a limited budget. Because the cost of hair transplants in Turkey is more affordable than the cost of hair transplants in the UK or the cost of hair transplants in the US, Turkey hair transplant sector has a lot to offer to its patients.

Hair Capital of the World: Istanbul

We at Capital Hair Center chose Istanbul as our location for a good reason. Istanbul has become the hair capital of the world over the years and as the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin started providing his expertise and skills in hair transplant at Istanbul thanks to Capital Hair Center.

As the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Capital Hair Center provides hair transplant in Turkey as the permanent solution to both hair loss in men and hair loss in women with its hair loss treatment packages. With our hair loss treatment packages, our patients do not have to worry about their budget based on their graft count since our treatment packages are not set based on the graft count a person may need. With medical treatment options like, PRP therapy, stem cell therapy, and OzonFect, we not only give you your hair back but also keep the rest of your hair healthy as well. When it comes to Turkey, hair transplants are the safest hair treatment option to get your hair back.




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