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Is Hair Implant Painful?

Most people with hair loss consider a hair transplant as the permanent way to deal with their hair loss especially the hair loss due to their genetic heritage. However, it’s a certainty that hair transplant is a surgical technique that people with a fear of surgeries shy away from. Especially people with a low pain threshold can even think that being bald would be preferable compared to the pain they will endure that they may experience from a hair transplant procedure.

A Hair Implant Doesn’t Have to Be Painful!

If you are also concerned about the pain and discomfort you will experience from a hair transplant operation, fret not! A good hair transplant doctor won’t let you experience pain from a minimal surgery like a hair transplant. Needless to say, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey won’t let you any pain or discomfort, period. Because the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey won’t work with anyone if they’re not the absolute best. Including other medical professionals who are a part of successful hair transplant surgery. Unsurprisingly, if you want to experience no pain during a hair transplant operation, a good anesthesiologist is a must for your operation. Thanks to a good anesthesiologist, pain-free anesthesia is not a dream at the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

Pain-Free Anesthesia

Traditionally, before a hair transplant operation, an anesthesiologist delivers anesthetic drugs to the scalp with the help of needles. This method is a big no-no for patients with a fear of needles. Thanks to the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Capital Hair Center embraced pain-free anesthesia for hair transplant operations.

What Is Pain-Free Anesthesia?

Before the hair transplant operation starts, our anesthesiologist injects local anesthetic drugs into our patients’ scalps with a pressure spraying method. This pen-shaped anesthesia device ensures that the local anesthetic penetrates under the skin thanks to its pressure. Because of the pen-shaped anesthesia device, our patients don’t feel it during the application of the anesthetic or during the hair transplant operation.

How Can Pain-Free Anesthesia Help You?

  1. Thanks to the simple yet revolutionary anesthesia device, our patients don’t experience any pain before or after the hair transplant operation. If our patients are afraid of needles, this local anesthetic method ensures that our patients start their hair transplant operation carefree and totally relaxed.
  2. In the traditional method, an anesthesiologist needs many injections to completely numb the scalp. Since there’s no injection before the surgery, the scalp only has scars due to the operation. There’s no additional trauma to the scalp that would come from the needles.
  3. Because there’s no physical and emotional trauma that the medical professional subject their patients to, recovery from the hair transplant operation becomes shorter. Thanks to pain-free anesthesia, our patients are more relaxed during the operation and their recovery is significantly uneventful.

Where Can You Have A Pain-Free Hair Transplant Operation?

We at Capital Hair Center are proud to say that Turkish hair transplant clinics were earlier than any country in adapting pain-free anesthesia methods. In Turkey, hair transplant technologies are more advanced and patients always have a better experience and better results before and after hair transplant operations.

The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey will be working with the best medical professionals in Turkey. Hair transplant operations don’t have to be traumatic events for any patient. The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey will ensure that you will have a fulfilling touristic experience as well as you will get your hair back. That’s why we at Capital Hair Center give only the best hair transplant results to our patients. For our patients who come to Turkey, hair transplant operations are only a pitstop to get their hair back besides discovering the hair capital of the world, Istanbul, and its many historical and natural beauties.




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