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Methods of haır transplantatıon Ozonfect technıque

What is Ozonfect Therapy?

Ozonfect Therapy is a novel treatment that is used to nourish the hair and scalp as well as to rejuvenate and strengthen the hair follicles.


OzonFect Therapy

How Ozonfect Therapy is applied?

  • The necessary amount of ozone is mixed with the blood taken from the patient.
  • When we add ozone to blood cells, the amount of oxygen they will carry increases four times.
  • The blood injected into the hair transplant area with a high-pressure diffusion system nourishes the hair follicles in the area.
  • This way, the blood cells with ozone, which are injected until the formation of blood cells and vessels that will form after 48 hours in the hair transplant area, serve as the nourishment of the hair follicles.
  • • Thus, the loss in hair transplantation is minimized and results are obtained quickly.

The importance of the first 48 hours in Ozonfect Therapy

Ozone affects the formation of veins in the area where the hair is transplanted within 48 hours after it is injected into the scalp. The formed veins feed the transplanted hair follicles and increase the survival rate. In turn, this leads to an increase the hair density.

How many times are Ozonfect Applied?

It is applied in two sessions.

  • The first session: It is applied just before one hour to the end of the operation.
  • The second session: It is applied when the patient comes to the first wash after one day from the operation.

What are the benefits of Ozonfect Therapy?


  •  It is used as an anti-aging because it contains plenty of oxygen.
  • It increases the success of hair transplantation by allowing the grafts to quickly attach to the transplanted area.
  • Since it strengthens the body’s immune system, it prevents fungi and infections that may occur after hair transplantation.
  • It prevents complications that may occur during hair transplantation.
  •  Supports new vessel formations within 48 hours in the area where hair transplantation is performed.
  •  It provides rapid healing in hair transplantation and allows the patient to return to his/her daily life quickly.

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