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Why Do People Go to Turkey for Hair Transplants?

Since hair transplant operations have become common practice and a sure way to treat hair loss problems, Turkish hair transplant clinics have become the leaders of hair transplant surgeries. Even though medical tourism is a huge and competitive market, Turkey has no problem keeping up with even hair transplant clinics in the UK or hair transplant clinics in the US. When it comes to Turkey, hair transplant is the only way to go. Do you know why this is the case? And why do people with hair loss prefer Turkey for their hair transplant operations?

The Success of Medical Tourism in Turkey

When it comes to tourism, Turkey has always been one step ahead of most countries. With its natural and historical heritage, Turkey has many tourist attractions to visit and explore. When a person comes to Turkey as a tourist, tourist agencies take care of the tourists in the best way possible. With medical tourism, hair transplant clinics in Turkey take this caring work ethic one step further. When a hair transplant patient comes to Turkey, hair transplant operation becomes more than a surgical operation. It also becomes an experience where the patient is picked up by the airport with VIP car services and is put into the best Turkish hotels with historical significance. Especially Istanbul is considered the hair capital of the world because the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul is also viewed as the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Not only the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey will take care of its patients with the utmost care, but the clinic will also be working with the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey to provide the best hair loss treatments for its patients.

The Business Acumen of Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey

Early start

Since Turkey’s medical tourism jumpstarted the popularity of hair transplant operations, Turkish doctors had more experience in hair transplant also the doctors were able to improve their skills specific to hair transplant operations. They were able to specialize in modern hair transplant methods which will restore patients’ hair with minimally invasive surgeries but also they even were able to provide new hair loss solutions for their patients. For example, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin, is the innovator for OzonFect which is revolutionary not only for hair loss in men but also for hair loss in women.

Medical background

The best hair transplant doctor in the world should also have experience in plastic surgery. Why? If a doctor doesn’t have experience and education in plastic surgery, chances are they won’t have the skills to give their patients the aesthetic and natural look most people with hair loss want to achieve. Years of medical education in Turkey is no easy feat. Medical schools in Turkey are known to be arduous, they take years to complete and even longer years to choose their expertise. When it’s time to choose their expertise in their medical journey, Turkish doctors who chose plastic surgery as their expertise became the best hair transplant doctors in the world. For example, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin has skills and experience as a plastic surgeon as well as a hair transplant doctor. With this kind of focus and foresight by surgeons in Turkey, hair transplant solutions in Turkey made big jumps such as using DHI, FUE and Sapphire FUE methods while the rest of the world still relied on hair transplant methods like the FUT method.

The Cost of Hair Transplants in Turkey

The hair transplant cost in Turkey is only a fraction of the hair transplant cost in the UK and the hair transplant cost in the US. Even though the base hair loss treatment options are similar to those in the UK and in the US, hair loss treatment package costs in Turkey don’t change based on graft count which is a common practice in hair transplant in the UK and hair transplant in the US. The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey is aware that a hair transplant treatment should include accommodation, car services, hair transplant operation, and post-op first wash at the clinic in Turkey. Hair transplant treatment packages shouldn’t be set based on hair grafts and no hair transplant patient shouldn’t pay extra based on their Norwood level of hair loss. Also, the exchange rate in Turkey makes the hair transplant cost in Turkey more affordable for European and American hair transplant patients. Even though the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is high, it’s not necessarily high based on the exchange rate.

Turkish National Health Standards

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are subjected to the same rules as the best private hospitals in Turkey. So, not any doctor or medical expert can perform a hair transplant operation in Turkey. Hair transplant operations and hair transplant clinics in Turkey are under the monitoring of the Turkish National Health Ministry and this system of checks and balances ensures that the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey is also the best hair transplant clinic in the world. We at Capital Hair Center have been giving the best hair transplant treatments to our patients with the unmatched skills and experience of Dr. Ekrem Keskin and our hair transplant before and after results are the biggest proof of our success.




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