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What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a procedure for people who suffer from hair loss and baldness. A hair transplantation offers a permanent solution.

For years, people with hair loss different endless treatments that weren’t able to get the hair they wanted. Alongside hair loss medicines, many people tried natural hair loss remedies, and most failed. This is because there are different types of hair loss, and every type requires other hair loss treatments. Especially concerning male pattern baldness, there aren’t many natural or medicinal hair treatments that successfully provide hair gain.

Even though hair surgeries became popular at the beginning of the 2000s, hair transplantation techniques as a solution to hair loss date even further back. As far as the 19th century, doctors tried different methods of hair transplants to find a solution to hair loss. 

In the most simplistic terms, a hair transplant surgeon decides on a donor area on someone’s scalp. This donor area is usually on the nape of the scalp; however, it can differ. A hair surgeon transfer the healthy grafts in this area to where hair loss occurs. In a short time, patients regain their hair and self-confidence, which they lost due to hair loss.

Evolution of Hair Transplants

As mentioned above, hair transplantations date back to the 19th century. Modern techniques of hair transplant started in Japan back in the 1930s. However, these transplants were used for eyebrows and lashes. Doctors didn’t use hair transplantation for hair loss and baldness. 

In the late 1950s, doctors started using hair transplantation to cure baldness. In the late 1950s, the donor area idea gained more traction, but the surgeries were too invasive. These surgeries became less invasive with the invention of follicular unit transplants (also known as FUT) in the early 2000s. Today, well-known surgeons consider even the FUT technique as invasive as far as hair transplant techniques go. 

With the internet becoming more accessible to people and the early signs of social media, hair surgeries have become even more popular. Today, we see celebrities getting hair transplants. Some share their surgeries, and some don’t. 

When someone wants to know more about hair transplants, use Google to know what it means. One of the more popular searches will be about Elon Musk and his hair transplant surgery. Before becoming a prominent figure in business and on social media, Elon Musk allegedly had a hair transplant surgery, and he now has the hair he currently has. His alleged hair transplant surgery is also one of the more popular topics on websites like Reddit under Reddit hair transplant threads.

There is more than one technique for hair transplant surgeries. A skilled and ethical surgeon chooses the best technique based on a patient’s need. Even though hair transplant techniques may differ based on a patient’s condition, all hair transplant surgeries have things in common during the hair transplantation procedure. 

What are the stages of hair transplantation?

There are 4 basic steps of hair transplantation.

1. Application of Anesthesia

A surgeon uses local anesthesia on the patient so the patient
does not feel any pain during the operation. It’s essential to have a reasonable anesthesiologist during hair surgery.

2. Collection of Hair Follicles

The hair surgeon takes hair follicles from the donor area and separates them into single, double, or multiple places.

A patient’s donor area is usually the scalp’s nape area.

3. Channel Opening

For a natural look, the surgeon opens the hair channel sat the same angle as the natural angle of the hair. Channel opening is also something that shows the expertise of a hair transplantation team.

4. Transplantation of Hair Roots

After harvesting the hair follicles for hair transplantationthe surgeon transplants the hair follicles into the opened channels, and the operation is complete.

What are the hair transplant methods?

Hair transplant techniques are evolving daily, and the doctors are applying new techniques every day. Hair transplant techniques like FUT are not considered invasive by hair transplant surgeons. This is why Capital Hair Center’s surgeon Dr. Ekrem Keskin is eager to provide his patients the hair transplant procedures with minor damage.

Techniques commonly used around the world include:

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a hair transplantation technique now considered invasive by hair transplant surgeons. FUT, also known as the strip technique, is a hair transplant technique where a thin strip of healthy skin from the scalp donor area is harvested.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the implantation of grafts collected with the help of a micromotor into the opened canals. FUE hair transplantation is less invasive than FUT hair transplantation.

With the expertise of a hair surgeon like Dr. Ekrem Keskin Sapphire FUE can be completed quickly. Unlike the classic FUE hair transplant method, the hair transplant surgeon uses sapphire-tipped blades when opening channels for hair surgery.

DHI hair transplantation gives the most advantage to hair transplant patients who don’t want to shave all their hair for a hair transplant surgery. The hair surgeon completes the hair transplant surgery with a Choi pen.

Other Hair Transplant Options

Afro hair is not just curly when it's longer, but the roots of Afro hair are also curly. Only an experienced hair transplant surgeon would know to harvest grafts without damaging the donor area. Experienced surgeons usually recommend hair transplant techniques like FUE and DHI to patients with Afro hair. Because it's important to personalize and include all kinds of treatment options for all patients' needs at Capital Hair Center, the recommendations may change based on a patient’s need.

A beard transplant is one of the operations that men have preferred in recent years. A beard transplant is implanting grafts that a surgeon takes from donor areas to areas with beard loss. There can be many different reasons for experiencing beard loss. Hereditary genetic factors, trauma, and infection can cause beard loss. Whatever the reason, a beard transplant can achieve the desired beard with a natural look.

For a beard transplant, a surgeon takes hair follicles from the nape area of the scalp, but the surgeon can also take hair follicles from under the chin in the beard area. Because the anesthesiologist applies local anesthesia during the procedure, the patient feels no pain. One of the most important things to do during the beard transplant is the planting angle. The correct planting angle of the beard makes the result look natural. Beard transplant surgeries especially need a plastic surgeon specializing in hair transplant surgeries, like Dr. Ekrem Keskin, because an aesthetic view is crucial since the patient will carry the results on their face for the rest of their life.  

Eyebrow transplant is planting hair follicles taken from the donor area to the desired area. An eyebrow transplant is performed under local anesthesia. It takes approximately 3-4 hours. 

The most important thing to consider in an eyebrow transplant is the planting angle of the hair follicles. It is imperative that a team of experts, both when opening channels and planting, perform the eyebrow transplant. It is also essential that a plastic surgeon who specializes in hair transplant surgeries, like Dr. Ekrem Keskin, do the eyebrows transplant. Since the patient will carry the result on their or face for the rest of their life, an aesthetic view is essential. 

Women's hair transplant is on the rise since more modern hair transplantation options are available, like DHI. DHI hair transplant is not the only option for a female hair transplant. A Sapphire FUE can also be an option. Because there is no need to shave all the hair during a DHI surgery, women mostly choose this hair transplant technique.

There can be many reasons for female hair loss, which are usually more complicated than male pattern hair loss. Because of this, an ethical surgeon proceeds with caution when it’s a women's hair surgery. The reasons for female hair loss should be thoroughly investigated, and hair surgery should be seen as the last option. Thanks to medicinal treatment options and treatments like stem cell and OzonFect treatment, most common women’s hair loss problems can be solved without a surgery

Other Hair Treatment Options for Hair Loss 

1. Stem Cell Therapy

With stem cell therapy, the doctor uses the patient’s own stem cells to cure advanced hair loss. Stem cells can produce all kinds of cells in the body. Thanks to the stem cell, the treatment stimulates hair growth. Microinjections inject the stem cells into the hair follicles during the treatment. This treatment allows the body to produce new cells and ensure that the hair regrows. 

2. OzonFect Therapy

OzonFect therapy is a novel treatment used to nourish the hair and scalps and rejuvenate and strengthen the hair follicles. The hair transplant surgeon mixes the necessary amount of ozone with the patient’s blood. When they add ozone to blood cells, the amount of oxygen, the blood cells carry increases four times. When the surgeon injects this mix into the hair transplant area with a high-pressure diffusion system, it nourishes the hair follicles in the area. Thanks to OzonFect therapy, a patient sees the surgery results more quickly. 

Other Hair Transplant Options
Before and After - What is a hair transplant

Before and After Hair Transplant Surgery

Even though everyone’s hair transplant journey is different and different treatments are involved, there are some everyday things to do before and after a hair transplant. 

Before Hair Transplant Surgery

  1. The hair transplant candidate should consult their physician to decide on a surgery. Some hair loss cases don’t require hair surgery. Some of the reasons for hair loss can be solved with medicinal treatments. 
  2. Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is quite famous for many reasons. The expertise of the surgeons, affordability,and medical tourism are some of those reasons. The candidate should decide on where you want to get their surgery.
  3. The candidate should do their research properly before deciding on a hair clinic in Turkey. Not all hair clinics have a hair transplant surgeon to personally get involved in their hair transplant surgeries. Some of the doctors are only there for consultation. The patient should ensure that their surgeon is involved in their procedures.
  4. The patient should inform the hair clinic and their surgeon about their current health status and pre-existing conditions if they have any. It includes the medications they take regularly and if they have any illness that would cause additional risk for hair transplantation.
  5. Our doctor, Dr. Ekrem Keskin, will advise his patients to stop drinking and smoking within 2-3 days before and after their surgery. Alcohol and cigarettes can complicate a hair transplant surgery because these substances cause dilation in the blood vessels. 

After Hair Transplant Surgery

  1. After the surgery, the patient will go to the hotel we will book for them. The quality of your sleep will ensure the success of a surgery.
  2. The first wash. After the surgery, the patient gets their first hair wash from the hair clinic surgeon. 
  3. Even though a patient is healed enough to return to their life after three days, they still need to take care of themselves. A patient should wash their hair using foam and gel, as their surgeon showed them during their first wash. They can also remove the hair bandage after three days. 
  4. After a week, the patient can get vitamin supplements to speed up the healing process. However, the patient should take these vitamins based on the doctor’s recommendations. After a week, patients can sleep as they used to before the surgery. Though we still don’t recommend for patients to expose themselves to less-than-ideal weather conditions like sunny or rainy weather.  
  5. Capital Hair Center does follow-ups until one year is filled. A surgery’s success is tied to after-surgery care and surgery. The patient should inform Capital Hair Center medical consultants and diligently return their calls.

As we mentioned above, there are standard precautions before and after the surgery. We also wrote these recommendations on our website. You can read more about them on our website. 

Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey?

While getting a hair transplant in Turkey sounds like a rite of passage for some people, for others, it sounds like the stuff of nightmares. The reality is that getting a hair transplant in Turkey is neither.

Hair clinics in Turkey are known for their cutting-edge technologies, expert surgeons and well-informed medical staff. Then how is it that these surgeries are affordable compared to other countries’ hair transplant clinics?

The reason for that is simply down to one thing: exchange rate. A hair transplant in Turkey is by no means cheap; it’s even higher when you want to have a hair transplant surgery in a big city like Istanbul. However, the exchange rate of the Turkish lira makes these surgeries relatively lower price compared to European countries. A hair transplant surgery for a Turkish person living in Turkey wouldn’t be the same as a person who lives in Europe and earn their living in Euros or Dollars. 

Capital Hair Center

When choosing a hair clinic in Turkey, hair transplant candidates should be thorough in their research, not about the clinic they choose but also about where they choose because there are more than enough hair clinics in Turkey, but they are all different. It is one of the reasons why Capital Hair Center makes its mark as a hair clinic a patient should choose while deciding on a hair clinic.

1. The Expertise of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Ekrem Keskin is a plastic surgeon who has specializing in hair transplant surgeries for many years. Being the best hair transplant surgeon in Istanbul, Dr. Ekrem Keskin’s top priority is his patients. He chooses his hair transplant patients carefully with the aid of his medical staff. 

Thanks to Dr. Ekrem Keskin, a patient can have any hair transplant surgery based on their needs. Dr. Ekrem Keskin is also a surgeon with a hands-on attitude toward his patients. He is always in the procedures and participates when teaching his medical staff how to be better in their professions

2. Having A Five-Star Treatment

Our patients must have an excellent experience when they come to Istanbul for their hair surgery. We put our patients into luxury hotels and care for the car services during their stay. 

3. Get Your Treatment without the Language Barrier

Our interpreters will be here to understand our hair patients and answer all their questions. Our interpreters are not limited to English. We offer translator support in your native language so our patients can have a comfortable experience. 

4. Follow-Ups

At Capital Hair Center, surgery doesn’t end in the operation room. After a patient’s surgery, our staff keeps contact regularly and monitors a patient’s post-op progress. We do this to ensure that we’re still with our patients if anything doesn’t go awry because we need to answer our patients’ questions and soothe their worries even after their surgery. 

5. Easy Contact Options to Capital Hair Center

Since you’re already on this page and reading this article, you may have noticed that a patient can contact us on our webpage and through WhatsApp. But our website is one of many options to reach us. We are also on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit and YouTube. Feel free to contact us through these channels or read our Reddit posts about various hair transplant topics. If you also want to read directly from our past patients, you can also review websites like ProvenExpert, WhatClinic and Reviews.io

Capital Hair Center

Getting A Surgery in Istanbul

As far as hair transplants in Turkey go, getting a hair transplant in Istanbul is almost always the best option. There are many reasons for getting a hair transplant in Istanbul.

Easy Access

Istanbul’s historic sites and tourist stops are two of the biggest reasons why you should choose a hair transplant in Istanbul. Because Istanbul is not just limited to its well-known tourist stops and has many hidden gems that a patient can discover during their visit. You can visit Blue Mosque, shop at the Grand Bazaar, and have a lovely stroll in Bebek while experiencing the finer things in Istanbul. 

The Rich History of Istanbul

Istanbul’s historic sites and tourist stops are two of the biggest reasons why you should choose a hair transplant in Istanbul. Because Istanbul is not just limited to its well-known tourist stops and has many hidden gems that a hair transplant patient can discover during their visit. You can visit Blue Mosque, shop at the Grand Bazaar and have a lovely stroll in Bebek while experiencing the finer things in Istanbul. 

Safe Travel

Because Istanbul is home to many tourists throughout the year, tourists are always welcome to the city with open arms. You can get the best deals while shopping, experience the nightlife in a safe environment, and experience the unique culture while staying in your luxurious hotel because Capital Hair Center is aware of the cultural importance of Istanbul. We put our patients into hotels that will give our patients more than a comfortable night while visiting. 

In this post, we intended to give potential hair transplant patients all the information they can wonder about. From before and after hair transplant procedures to many ways to contact Capital Hair Center, we hope that the best hair clinic in Istanbul can offer you the best experience. With Dr. Ekrem Keskin as the best hair transplant surgeon, Capital Hair Center is also the best hair treatment clinic in Turkey, and our many happy patients are proof of our success. 


Definitely yes!

Furthermore, the biggest factor in women's preference for hair transplantation is “shaveless hair transplantation”. Thanks to unshaven hair transplant, women do not have to shave all their hair. It is enough to shave only the donor area. In this way, they can easily return to their everyday lives after the operation and have the operation unnoticed by those around them.

Hair transplantation can be applied to all hair loss patients, whether they are male or female.

Plastic surgeon comes from the Greek word plasticos. Its meaning is to shape or to give shape. Plastic surgeons work both to improve the aesthetic appearance of people and to correct defects that appear in facial / tissue defects.

Because of their training, plastic surgeons are very familiar with the structure of the skin and tissue. Plastic surgeons who synthesize their many years of training with their aesthetic point of view; They give patients the look they dream of in a healthy way.

There are many specialties of doctors who perform hair transplants. However, hair transplantation should be performed by a plastic surgeon who has a thorough knowledge of the scalp and summarizes his or her aesthetic vision and knowledge. You can feel much more comfortable and confident thanks to the plastic surgeon who has sufficient knowledge and equipment and will perform the most suitable operation for you from an aesthetic point of view.

Every patient who will undergo a hair transplant operation always has the same question mark in his head: "How many grafts are needed for my hair, how many grafts will be transplanted in the operation?"

The answer to this question differs for each patient. While some patients' areas to be transplanted are wider, some patients' areas of hair transplant may be smaller.

First of all, each graft contains two or three hair follicles. In other words, at this point, the perception of 1 graft and 1 hair root should not occur. It is very important to plant the grafts taken from the patient with an accurate calculation for the hair transplant operation. An accurate calculation ensures that the hair regains a natural appearance as a result of the operation. At the same time, the grafts collected with the correct calculation are evaluated in the most efficient way.

The graft distribution should be done very carefully and with the right perspective. This is where the perspective of a plastic surgeon plays a big role. It calculates both the most effective use of the collected grafts and a natural result according to the area of ​​use.

The first area that plastic surgeons performing hair transplant surgery pay attention to is the size of the area to be transplanted. The density of the transplant depends on the size of the area to be planted. The plastic surgeon decides how many grafts per square centimeter will be transplanted.

Another point is how efficient the donor area is. It is very important that the amount of graft taken from the donor area is efficient enough to cover the area to be grafted. In addition, factors such as hair color, texture and hair thickness are analyzed in detail by the plastic surgeon during graft harvesting.

In addition, the most modern devices are used for graft distribution. With these devices, the harvested grafts can be separated individually, twice or multiple times. With the help of these devices, the grafts are separated without damage.

  • Those who have a sufficient number of grafts in the donor area,
  • Those who do not have a physiological disorder that prevents hair transplantation,
  • It is used in patients over 20 years of age.
  • Improves the look.
  • Provides a permanent solution.
  • Helps regain lost self-confidence.
  • You get natural looking hair.

Thanks to the anesthesia used at the beginning of the operation, a comfortable and comfortable operation is performed. Patients do not feel any pain during the operation.

After each hair transplant, a situation called "shock shedding" is experienced. This situation is quite normal, there is nothing to be afraid of. The time of spillage differs according to each patient. Shock shedding usually occurs within 1-3 months after hair transplantation. Shock shedding takes about 2 weeks. 1-2 months after shedding, the transplanted hair grows.

After the hair transplant, the hair starts to grow from about 3 months. You can see the results of the operation from the 6th month. At the end of the 1st year the end result is achieved and you have your hair back.

Hair transplantation can be done every month of the year. However, it is absolutely necessary to wear a hat when sunbathing to protect the scalp, especially when using it in the summer months.

Turkey has been a center for hair transplant surgeries for a while now. There are many reasons for this.
Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are the best for hair transplants. They specifically educate themselves and build their medical experience toward a career in hair transplant surgery.
Hair clinics in Turkey have better equipment, better medical staff, and accommodation options compared to other countries. Turkey's deep knowledge of medical tourism puts the country ahead of other countries.
Hair transplant surgeries are more affordable in Turkey. However, this affordability factor doesn't affect the quality of hair transplant surgeries in Turkey. It is because of the exchange rate of the Turkish lira. So, when you search your options for hair transplant cost in UK or hair transplant cost in Turkey, you should be aware of that the exchange rate is solely responsable for the affordability for hair clinics in Turkey.


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