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Preparation for the hair transplant process, the day of the operation, and 1 month after the operation are vital for the success of the hair transplant. By acting as your doctor recommends you, you can get through your hair transplant surgery without any problems. Moreover, you can increase the chance of survival of the transplanted hair by paying attention to the post-operative process. So, what can you do and what can’t you do in 1 month? Here, we have examined all the things you need to pay attention to in this article.

1 Week Before the Operation:

At this stage, preliminary preparations are made for hair transplantation surgery. This stage is the most important stage that needs attention for hair transplantation to take place. So, what should be considered at this stage?

  • First, you need to refrain from cutting your hair. Your hair should not be short for extracting hair grafts.
  • You should stop taking vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin B.

3 Days Before the Hair Transplant Operation:

There are some substances that you should not use in this process and your general health status will be evaluated in your consultation with your doctor.

  • You should talk to your doctor about your current health status, the medications you take regularly, and whether all your existing diseases will cause a problem with hair transplantation.

2 Days Before the Hair Transplant Operation:

During this period, you need to take a break from smoking and alcohol.

  • Usually, your doctor will advise you to stop drinking and smoking within 2-3 days. Alcohol and smoking can complicate your surgery process as they cause dilation in the vessels.

1 Day Before the Hair Transplant Operation:

It is very normal to be afraid and excited because you will experience hair transplantation for the first time, but you should prepare yourself for this situation.

  • Before the operation, you should rest well and prepare yourself mentally for a hair transplantation operation.

Operation Day

 You can have a much easier operation process by paying attention to some basic points on the day of the operation.

  • Since your surgery will take an average of 6-8 hours, you should go to the clinic after having a nice breakfast.
  • Do not apply hair gel, spray, and other impurities to your hair on the day of the operation.
  • Take loose and comfortable clothes with you because you should feel smooth before and after the operation.
  • Take extra clothes with you in case your clothes get dirty during the operation.

After 1 Day:

The way you sleep the day after the operation, the process of washing your hair for the first time, and the absence of complications after surgery are very important.

  • You come to the hospital for the first wash and your doctor will show you how to wash your head.
  • You can sleep on a high pillow with your head at a 45-degree angle.
  • You should drink plenty of water against the possibility of edema accumulation in the operation area. So, you can get rid of the edema accumulated in the body.

After 3 Days:

This is a period when you are slowly starting to return to your daily life. What you need to do in this period is as follows:

  • You can return to your daily life and do various activities.
  • You can wash your hair using foam and gel as shown to you.
  • You can remove smoothly your hair bandage.

After 1 Week:

You are slowly starting to get through the most dangerous and stressful times. You can gradually adapt more and more to everyday life. However, it is a period in which you still need to pay attention to some issues.

  • You can take vitamin tablets recommended by your doctor to speed up the healing process and increase your body’s resistance.
  • You can start using the pillow you always sleep on.
  • Avoid the sun and rainy weather against possible damage. Since the crusting and healing process will start new, the hair transplanted area may be damaged.

After 10 Days:

There may now be an increase in your physical movements during this period, but there are some points that you should avoid.

  • You can start some light exercises and walks.
  • You should abstain from sexual intercourse for the first 10 days.
  • You can start to remove scabs in the transplanted area by gently massaging your head in the shower.

After 2 Weeks:

During this period, various care can be performed for the rapid healing of the transplanted area.

  • You can apply nourishing serums to your scalp.
  • Do not cut any hair in the recipient area.
  • You should avoid sweating during sports and activities.

1 Month After the Hair Transplant Operation:

What you do and don’t do at the end of 1 month is very decisive for hair transplantation to be successful.

  • You can start using hairspray.
  • In the first 1 month, you should stay away from the sauna, solarium, pool, and sea.
  • Do not use a hair dryer in the first 1 month after showering, instead, you can use paper towels to dry your hair.
  • You can use supportive medicines such as Minoxidil and Finasteride if your doctor has prescribed them.



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