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Do Hair Transplant Work on the Crown Area?

Causes of Crown Hair Loss

You don’t hear many women complaining about hair loss in their crown areas. This is because crown hair loss is mostly linked to male pattern baldness. Women can also experience hair loss in the crown area but women with hair loss tend to experience sparseness rather than concentrated bald areas like men do when they experience hair loss in the crown area. Other conditions like telogen hair loss or alopecia areata may also result in crown hair loss. So, when hair transplant doctor consults their patients, they first find the underlying reasons for the hair loss in the crown area.

The success of Crown Hair Transplants

Even though hair transplant operations are viewed as simple enough procedures for the patients, a successful hair transplant operation is not what every hair transplant doctor can easily give to their patients. A successful hair transplant operation requires the best of the best. Only the best hair transplant doctor can give their patients successful results to all of their patients every time. A hair transplant operation requires even more skill when the hair transplantation should be done to someone’s crown area on their scalp because crown hair transplant operations differ in not only how a doctor extracts hair follicles from the patient’s donor area but also how the hair transplant doctor implants these hair follicles onto the recipient area.

Hair transplants in the crown area are arguably the most technically challenging hair restoration treatment because of the fact that hair strand angles change and change sporadically in the crown area. Even though these changes can be classified as whorl or spiral, every patient is different so a hair transplant doctor cannot work on these areas in a routine manner. They should be aware of every channel and how the hair follicles should be angled.

A person’s crown area on their scalp may still experience receding, so the hair transplant doctor should ensure that the hair loss of the patient either completely stopped or substantially subsided and can be maintained with medicinal treatments.

Lastly, unlike other areas with hair loss, the crown area is a huge area where the hair follicles should be implanted for long periods of time without distractions. This is where the expertise and experience of the hair transplant doctor come into play. If a hair transplant candidate experiences hair loss in, for example, the frontal area as well as the crown area, there’s a good chance that the patient will need more than one hair transplant operation. An inexperienced hair transplant doctor may fall into the trap of overharvesting in these cases.

Unlike other regions in the world, Turkish hair transplant doctors are well-equipped with doing hair transplant operations in the crown area. This is because hair transplant doctors in Turkey keep up with the latest hair transplant techniques like Sapphire FUE and DHI as well as the best possible medical equipment. For example, Dr. Ekrem Keskin is a renowned surgeon who works with the best of the best and he’s a leading hair transplant doctor in Turkey when it comes to Sapphire FUE and DHI.

The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey knows that their operation should provide the perfect angles, direction, and pattern implantation without over-harvesting their patient’s donor area since their patients not only may need another surgery in the future but also their donor area should look untouched to have the natural look, so their donor area should not be depleted in any way, shape or form.

Cost of Crown Hair Transplant

When a hair transplant clinic in Turkey determines operation costs based on graft count, the cost becomes too high. But this is not the case for all hair transplant clinics in Turkey. For example, we at Capital Hair Center, value our patients’ happiness most of all so when they opt for an operation, they choose treatment packages rather than separate treatments for all their needs. It doesn’t matter if you need 4000 grafts or 5000 grafts for your surgery. Our hair transplant treatment packages at Capital Hair Center cover all.

Treatment After Hair Transplant

As mentioned above, some patients still experience receding or thinning in the crown area. To prevent this, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey inform their patients about the medicinal and other treatments which will fortify the grafts in the implanted area. For example, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin founded OzonFect which is a revolutionary treatment for patients with thinning. There are also treatments like PRP and stem cell therapy as well as medicinal treatment like Minoxidil and Finasteride after hair transplant in Turkey. However, we recommend you consult with Dr. Ekrem Keskin before deciding on any of these treatments as you may not need them or you may need them but not all of the treatments can be applicable to you.




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