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Hair Loss: Permanent Medical Solutions

Hair loss can happen to anyone but not everyone feels the same debilitating effects of hair loss. The people who go through hair loss treatments make sure that hair loss can be treated completely or they can alleviate the effects of hair loss. Some of these treatments involve medical treatments like hair transplants while other treatments are medicinal treatments that won’t give people with hair loss dramatic results.

In this blog post, we compiled some of the permanent hair loss treatment solutions for you. We, at Capital Hair Center, provide all these permanent hair loss treatment options for our patients.

Hair Transplants

A hair transplant operation is the most permanent hair loss treatment for anyone. Turkish hair transplant clinics are the best hair transplant clinics. Dr. Ekrem Keskin who is the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey provides hair transplant operations to anyone with hair loss who also qualifies for a hair transplant operation.

Here are some of the hair transplant techniques:

1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE hair transplant technique is one of the modern hair transplant techniques compared to arcane techniques like FUT (follicular unit transplantation). During an FUE hair transplant operation, the hair transplant doctor takes individual hair follicles from the patient’s nape area. This is because the nape area is more resistant to hair loss. Then the hair transplant doctor transplants the hair follicles from the nape area to the bald area that needs the hair follicles.

Hair loss in men makes them eligible for an FUE hair transplant operation as male pattern hair loss tends to be more severe in men.

2. Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE is a major step up from the traditional FUE hair transplant technique. The micromotor which has blades for channel opening is different from the traditional FUE. Sapphire FUE blades are tipped with Sapphire. Sapphire FUE is the least invasive FUE method. Even though Sapphire FUE is recommended for hair loss in men, there are some cases where hair loss in women can also be treated with Sapphire FUE. The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin is a renowned and experienced hair transplant doctor in Sapphire FUE operations.

3. Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

During a DHI hair transplant surgery, a hair transplant doctor performs both channel opening and hair transplantation in frequent intervals simultaneously. There’s a special medical pen called the Choi pen that is used for DHI hair transplant operations. DHI hair transplant is also known as a no-shave hair transplant. Even though there can be no-have FUE surgeries, DHI is THE operation that doesn’t require a full head shave. Only the recipient and the donor areas are subjected to the operation. DHI is an advantageous method for hair loss in women as well as hair loss in men. Whether you experience female pattern hair loss or male pattern hair loss, the chances are the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey will find you eligible for a DHI hair transplant surgery if your donor area is healthy and your hair loss is not too severe to require a Sapphire FUE hair transplant operation.

Additional Medical Treatments to Keep Your Hair

As the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we at Capital Hair Center also provide additional medical treatments to heal your scalp faster after your hair transplant operation. Let’s have a look at the revolutionary yet safe additional medical treatments for hair loss.


OzonFect is an alternative medical treatment that is founded by Dr. Ekrem Keskin which is one of the reasons he’s the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey. Thanks to the many benefits of ozone therapy, Dr. Ekrem Keskin came up with OzonFect. For OzonFect Therapy, the required amount of ozone is mixed with blood taken from the patient. When Dr. Ekrem Keskin adds ozone to blood cells, the oxygen levels get higher. This oxygen-rich blood is injected into the hair transplant area with a high-pressure diffusion system. Thanks to OzonFect, hair transplant patients recover more quickly. Thanks to the quick recovery, the patients can return to their daily lives much earlier than expected.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are quite common, especially after hair transplants. Thanks to PRP therapy, the scalp gets healed faster and the hair follicles recuperate much easier. PRP is included in all our hair transplant treatment packages. We at Capital Hair Center view PRP as a common practice to provide to our patients since even the most affordable hair treatment plan should include the best possible treatment for all of our patients.

Stem-Cell Therapy

Stem-cell therapy is when stem cells are used to prevent certain diseases and conditions. A form of regenerative medicine, stem-cell therapy aims to give hair transplant patients thicker hair follicles. Stem-cell therapy also helps to prevent inflammation that is expected after the hair transplant operation.

All these additional medical treatments can be used in both hair loss in men and hair loss in women. These treatments should be viewed as support treatments to have the best hair transplant in Turkey. Thanks to the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin we at Capital Hair Center are proud to provide these treatments to all our patients with hair loss.




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