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How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

A hair transplant surgery is an arduous surgery. The surgery is demanding not only for the patient but also for the hair transplant surgeon and the surgeon’s medical staff. During a hair transplant surgery, the surgeon removes healthy hair follicles from the donor area, which is usually the nape area of a scalp, and transplants these hair follicles to the areas with hair loss. Skilled hair transplant surgeon and their medical staff aim to give their patient less discomfort by working with the best medical equipment most efficiently. 

It is one of the reasons why a hair transplant surgery costs more than most cosmetic surgeries. 

Why do hair transplant costs differ?

  1. The best hair transplant surgeon makes sure a surgery is done with the best possible medical equipment, not in their hair clinic but in the world. As mentioned above, a hair transplant surgeon and their medical staff use the best medical equipment possible for hair transplant surgery. This equipment changes not because of its use but because of the everchanging technological updates. 
  2. A skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon’s work differs from a surgeon who is new to hair transplant surgeries. A hair clinic’s success doesn’t only rely on the surgeon but also on the medical staff as well. A medical team that works with the surgeon in harmony will always give the best treatment possible to their patients. Also, a medical team that works well together is usually a team that is formed over the years with trust. A hair clinic team is also highly in demand by patients worldwide. 
  3. The exchange rate of the country that the hair clinic is in is also a deciding factor for a cost of a hair transplant surgery. A hair transplant clinic may be the most sought and, therefore, one of the highest-paid clinics within the country’s currency. However, this currency rate looks more affordable for a patient from another country. It is also why a hair transplant cost in Turkey may surprise a potential hair transplant patient about the price range of a hair clinic.

For all these reasons, hair transplant costs differ in every country. Some hair transplant clinics may be more affordable than others in the same region. In that case, the first two reasons matter the most. The best hair transplant clinic in a country won’t be more affordable than its counterparts in the same region. The prices may be close but certainly not less. 

Hair Transplants Costs in Different Countries

Hair transplants cost different based on the reasons mentioned above. However, the deciding factor on a surgery cost is almost always the last item, the exchange rate. 

For example, a hair transplant cost UK is around 8000 dollars, but it’s dangerously affordable for a transplant surgery in the UK. Because better hair clinics generally ask for more than 10000 dollars for a complicated hair transplant surgery like DHI and that makes the hair transplant cost in UK higher than its counterparts. When deciding on a hair clinic in UK, one of the things a potential hair patient should watch out for why a hair transplant cost in UK is lower than its counterparts. Because lower hair transplant cost in UK usually indicates the quality of the hair clinic and the hair transplant surgeon. Another European country like France has a similar cost range when someone wants to get a hair transplant in France. 

The hair transplant costs the highest in Canada, nearly 20000 dollars, and most people who have access to this amount of means usually opt to purchase other products or treatments, putting them at a disadvantage in case of their well-being. A hair transplant in the USA usually costs similar to Canada’s hair transplant surgeries. 

These cost comparisons bring us to the hair transplant cost in Turkey.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

A hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey is usually around 2500 dollars and upwards, but this number has steadily increased due to the demand for Turkish hair transplant surgeons worldwide. It is why a hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey is around 3000 dollars. A skilled hair transplant surgeon with extensive experience will be in high demand, making the hair clinic that provides hair transplant procedures less affordable than other Turkish hair clinics. But as mentioned above, affordability shouldn’t be the only criterion when choosing a hair clinic in Turkey. A hair transplant patient should also consider the hair clinic’s medical experience, conditions, and doctor’s experience when making a decision. 




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