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Does A Hair Transplant Surgery Leave Scars?

Does A Hair Transplant Surgery Leave Scars?

When a person deals with hair loss and decides to have a hair transplant, they have many worries and questions about the operation itself. The biggest question is “Did this hair transplant surgery leave scars on my scalp?” 

This question is a big worry which is on solid ground from a hair transplant candidate’s view. Considering the early versions of hair transplant operations did leave big scars on people’s scalps, a hair transplant candidate has every right to worry. To let go of their worries, hair transplant patients not only should do their research before deciding on a hair transplant clinic, but they should also find answers to all of their questions

Capital Hair Center compiled some the question regarding hair transplant scars and what kind of questions you should ask the hair transplant clinics in Turkey before you decide on a hair clinic in Turkey:

Which hair transplant technique will the hair transplant clinic use for my surgery?

Everyone’s hair loss is different. Especially with male pattern baldness, every hair transplant technique serves a different purpose. Here are some of the hair transplant techniques for each type of need for a patient who wants to get a hair transplant in Turkey.

1. DHI hair transplant in Turkey

Capital Hair Center recommends DHI hair transplants to both men and women. Because DHI doesn’t require a full head shave, both male and female hair transplant candidates can benefit from a DHI hair transplant in Turkey. The doctor only shaves the donor area of the patient and not having a full shave before a hair transplant helps patients to return to their lives easier and in a shorter amount of time since the patients won’t have to deal with hair transplant surgery scars. 

2. FUE hair transplant in Turkey

Capital Hair Center recommends FUE hair transplants mostly to male hair transplant candidates. A patient who is eligible for DHI surgery is also eligible for an FUE hair transplant operation. But not every FUE patient is eligible for DHI hair transplant surgery. During FUE hair transplant in Turkey, the patient gets a full head shave. Hair transplant candidates who experience severe hair loss benefit the most from FUE hair transplant. Even though it’s an extensive surgery, a successful FUE surgery won’t leave hair transplant surgery scars on a patient’s scalp.

3. Sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey

Sapphire FUE is an FUE technique where the channel opening blades are tipped with Sapphire. The Sapphire FUE technique is even less invasive than the FUE technique. Sapphire FUE provides an even more natural look than FUE and the healing period is even shorter than FUE. So, the scars after hair transplant surgery are minimal and temporary.

Is the hair transplant clinic's employees knowledgeable in hair transplant technology?

A hair transplant operation’s success is directly linked to the skill and experience of the hair clinic’s team. For example, we at Capital Hair Center built our clinic from our team of the most knowledgeable people. As a result, Capital Hair Center is a clinic that is not only expert on hair transplant techniques but also in the hospitality sector. Because of that, the whole medical team is capable of providing service to Capital Hair Center’s patients without reverting to invasive old technologies. Because only a poor hair transplant surgery will leave hair transplant surgery scars on a patient’s scalp and for this reason, patients need the best medical team possible during an operation.

Is the hair transplant doctor skilled and experienced enough?

This question may be the most crucial one yet. Hair transplant operations may seem like simple enough procedures. We also come across nothing shorter than horror stories where people with no medical degrees try to give hair transplant operations to other people. These kinds of non-professionals and doctors with no aesthetic skills will surely give hair transplant surgery scars to their patients.

Another mistake the unskilled doctors often do is overharvesting. A hair transplant doctor should never overharvest the donor area of a hair transplant candidate. Overharvesting will only cause trauma on the skin of the patient’s scalp and this will result in hair transplant procedure scars.

But the best hair transplant doctor knows hair transplant procedures should be viewed as hair transplant surgeons. Even though the patients don’t go under general anesthesia, hair transplant operations are still surgeries that require the best and the most skilled. Our hair transplant doctor at Capital Hair Center, Dr. Ekrem Keskin is also a plastic surgeon who is the most skilled and experienced hair transplant doctor in Turkey. He also built his medical team based on his surgical needs as well as the surgical needs of hair transplant candidates. Because of his own skills and his trust in his medical crew, Dr. Ekrem Keskin’s hair transplant operations don’t leave hair transplant surgery scars on his patients and you can review our successful operations on our page and also on our social media accounts.




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