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Hair Transplant Packages in Turkey

Hair Transplant Packages in Turkey

So you decide to have a hair transplant in Turkey and you may even have chosen your hair transplant doctor for the surgery. When you choose a hair clinic and a hair transplant procedure, the decision and your doctor may seem like they’re enough but in reality, it’s so much more complicated than this. 

There are many hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Some provide additional services for you like accommodation and some do not. When you choose a hair clinic, especially in a city like Istanbul, the hair transplant clinic should offer you more than hair transplant surgery. Especially if you are traveling from a country like USA or Canada, your comfort and the complex treatment you’ll receive should fulfill all your expectations. For this reason, hair clinics in Turkey offer hair transplant packages before you come to Turkey. Let’s discuss what kind of services should be obligatory in hair transplant packages in Turkey.

Is Your Hair Transplant Doctor Also Experienced in Plastic Surgery?

If not, think twice. Some of the hair transplant doctors in Turkey don’t have plastic surgery experience. However, a doctor with no plastic surgery experience may be a huge risk to your overall look. After all, your hair should look natural and a skilled doctor should redraw your hairline. Because of its importance, Dr. Ekrem Keskin also wants his patients’ photos where the patient was not experiencing hair loss. Your hairline should be as close as your original hairline, so it can fit your face better. 

Does the Hair Clinic Offer Native-Language Translator Support?

If not, it may be best if you look for another hair clinic in Turkey or ask the clinic if they can hire a translator in your native language. Hair clinics in Turkey are capable of providing native language support in their hair transplant packages. You have every right to have an operation where the translator has no problem understanding you and can assist you and your doctor at the same time. 

Is Accommodation A Part of Your Treatment Package?

When you come to Istanbul, will you have to find a hotel or try to find a hotel near the hair clinic, or has the hair clinic already arranged your hotel and you only need to just go to the hotel? When it comes to hair transplant packages, hair clinics in Turkey offer generous packages and they usually include hotel services as well. But you still need to be sure. A hair transplant clinic in Turkey should provide three nights at a deluxe hotel.

How Will You Travel from the Hair Clinic to the Hotel?

When your plane lands in Istanbul, will you have to find a taxi to go to your hotel? Or will the hair transplant clinic provide a car for you? As Capital Hair Center, we offer car services and our patients are taken from the airport. Our drivers take you from the airport to your hotel. But also, the VIP car service is reserved for you and you go to our hair transplant clinic with the same VIP car. We see the importance of comfortable car service to ensure our patients will receive VIP transportation service for their time in Turkey for their hair transplant surgery. 

What Is the Hair Transplant Clinic's Long-Term Post-Operation Control Process?

After you had your hair transplant surgery in Turkey, will the hair transplant clinic do follow-ups? Will you get your first wash which is when you learn how to wash your properly? At Capital Hair Center, our patients receive their first hair wash the day after the hair transplant operation and learn how to wash their hair. Our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul also provides you with information on how you can take care of yourself better. Not only that, our medical consultants do follow-ups months after the hair transplant procedure and monitor your progress. If any complications arise, you also get assistance from our hair clinic. 

Your Hair Transplant Doctor May Be Qualified. But What about His Medical Staff?

The last item on this may be one of the more important rules when it comes to choosing a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Ask the medical consultants about the medical staff at the hair transplant clinics. Ask about the medical types of equipment in detail. 


What Does Capital Hair Center Offer You With Its Hair Transplant Packages?

Capital Hair Center offers all the services mentioned above in its hair transplant packages. But every hair transplant technique has its special hair transplant package. Here are the hair transplant packages Capital Hair Center to its patients:

Sapphire FUE

The patient receives Sapphire FUE hair transplant surgery. Before the surgery, the patients are put through medical tests and deep dive into their medical history They also do their consultation session with Dr. Ekrem Keskin. Dr. Ekrem Keskin is also a part of the hair transplant surgery which is one of the reasons he’s the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey. Although his medical team is responsible for channel opening, Dr. Ekrem Keskin is a part of the hair transplant procedure and he’s with his patient every step of the way. 

The patient also receives special items after hair transplantation, including a head cover and a medical pillow. No need to try to find one before you come to Turkey! 

All patients receive a post-operative package of essential products for the first 15 days after the hair transplant surgery. This hair treatment package includes a washing set and medication. Dr. Ekrem Keskin and his medical team also inform the patients how to proceed with their hair treatment after the first 15 days.

DHI Package

During a DHI surgery, the patient experiences the hair transplant procedure with the maximum amount of grafts using the Choi Pen technique. 

Just like in all hair transplant packages, the patients receive pain-free anesthesia using the needle-free injection (NFI) technique, so they don’t experience any pain or discomfort. These hair transplant packages also include PRP sessions to strengthen and nourish the hair follicles so the hair transplant patient can experience a speedy recovery. 


OzonFect therapy is unique to Capital Hair Center. If the patients want to add OzonFect therapy to their hair transplant packages, they can. OzonFect happens in two sessions. The hair transplant patients receive the first one on the operation day and the second the next of the operation. Thanks to OzonFect, the patients experience a fast healing time and don’t suffer trauma due to hair transplant surgery. 

Finally, we have our exclusive package where Dr. Ekrem Keskin does the channel opening himself rather than supervising his medical team in the operating room. Even though Dr. Ekrem Keskin’s medical team is a team of experts, some of our patients request their hair transplant surgery be done by Dr. Ekrem Keskin. We can blame you for wanting to have hair transplant surgery by the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey!






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