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How Much Is a Hair Transplant?

The cost of hair transplant operations is always a mixed bag. But hair transplant costs can change between $1500 to $20000 depending on the country and the service you get in a hair transplant clinic. However, a higher price doesn’t always mean better results. 

You may notice the massive gap between the first and the second hair transplant cost we mentioned. This hair transplant price also differs when you’re getting a hair transplant in another country. Specifically, in Turkey. 

How Much Is A Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The cost of hair transplants in Turkey changes between $2000 to $5000. As we mentioned above, a higher price doesn’t always mean better results and this argument has a solid foundation because of Turkish hair transplant doctors and their success rate when it comes to hair transplant operations. 

Because hair transplant doctors in Turkey are the best hair transplant doctors anywhere, people expect Turkish hair transplant doctors to provide the most expensive service. Let’s investigate the reasons why hair transplant in Turkey is more affordable compared to its European and American counterparts and why you should choose a hair transplant clinic in Turkey instead of a hair transplant clinic in your hometown.  

1. Exchange rate of the Turkish lira

Hair transplants in Turkey can be more affordable compared to other countries because of the exchange rate of the Turkish lira. For a Turkish hair transplant candidate, the hair transplant isn’t as affordable as for a European hair transplant candidate.

2. The ethics of Turkish doctors

A good hair transplant in Canada may cost $20000 to a hair transplant. How is it possible that Turkish doctors don’t want the same amount of currency from their patients?

The answer to that is pretty obvious: A hair transplant doesn’t have to be that pricy! 

Although we warn our patients that a cheap hair transplant can lead to disastrous results, an affordable one can give you the best hair transplant results. Hair transplant doctors in Turkey know that their patients deserve the best, but they also don’t believe that the price should reflect “the quality” or vice versa. 

3. Turkish hair transplant doctors are simply the best

The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey will give you their undivided time when you visit their hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Especially during the consultation session with the doctor. Because of their extensive education and experience in plastic surgery, a hair transplant doctor in Turkey will give you the best hair transplant results without creating havoc in your bank account.

4. Turkish hospitality is also reflected in medical tourism

You may have heard of Turkish hospitality before, or even experienced it yourself. Turkish hospitality experience in medical tourism makes Turkish hair transplant clinics the best in the world. Once a patient books their plane ticket for Turkey, the hair transplant clinic in Turkey covers pretty much everything else. The car service and the accommodation are an absolute must after a hair transplant in Turkey. Otherwise, the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey wouldn’t be the best after all. 

5. Affordable treatment packages

You may have heard the term cost based on hair graft. So a 4000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey will be higher compared to a 3000 hair grafts hair transplant. The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey knows that the graft count shouldn’t reflect the ultimate cost. That’s why the hair transplant treatment packages they offer are more like a menu, rather than a simple meal. You can choose certain operations with already existing services. For example, all our hair transplant treatment packages at Capital Hair Center include hotel, accommodation, PRP therapy, and first wash. We believe that our patients should decide what they pay before even coming to our hair transplant clinic in Turkey. This is one of the many reasons why Capital Hair Center is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. 

6. Celebrity hair transplants? Hair transplant in Turkey is a part of that as well

Many celebrities choose to have a hair transplant to deal with hair loss. Male pattern hair loss, as well as female pattern hair loss, may depress you but when you learn that Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK also suffered from hair loss and MGK hair transplant in Turkey is one of the biggest argument topics on the internet, it makes you feel that you’re not alone. Even a comedian like Steve Carell can have a hair transplant just like MGK had a hair transplant back in the day. Maybe even before he ended up with Megan Fox. 

7. Still not sure about the affordability?

Contact us at Capital Hair Center so we can present you with many of our hair transplant treatment packages. One call from us will show you why Capital Hair Center is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Our hair transplant results will also show Dr. Ekrem Keskin is the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey.




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