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How to Avoid A Bad Hair Transplant Surgery Experience

How to Avoid A Bad Hair Transplant Surgery Experience

A hair transplant surgery can be a transformative surgery for people who experience hair loss. A good hair transplant experience gives a person their hair back, boosts their self-confidence, and can even heal or alleviate some of their health problems. However, there is another side to the coin which is called “hair transplant surgery.” A bad hair transplant surgery can be devastating.

What makes a hair transplant surgery a bad one?

Your hairline doesn’t look natural

If your hairline doesn’t fit with the rest of your face, the operation is viewed as a bad hair transplant. The surgeon who did your surgery may not have an aesthetic surgery background. This results in having an unnatural hairline because of a bad hair transplant operation.

Your hair is too sparse

Some patients usually get surprised when they hear high graft counts for their hair loss. They may even think that half of the graft count they hear would be enough for their hair loss. But this is not true. When the graft count is too low for the hair loss you are experiencing, your hair will look sparse and your overall look won’t improve much.

Your hair follicles weren’t eligible for a hair transplant, to begin with

Here’s where the ethics and the expertise of a hair transplant surgeon are involved. If your hair transplant surgeon put you through an operation without giving you a scalp analysis, the hair transplant operation becomes risky. Especially when it comes to hair transplant candidates with Afro-hair, most hair transplant surgeons aren’t equipped to deal with Afro-hair. This results in bad hair transplant results.


Scarring should never be an issue for hair transplant surgery. Old hair transplant techniques like follicular unit transplantation (FUT) operation leave scars on patients’ scalps as it involves a skin strip. FUT technique leaves patients with possibly lifelong scars and it leads to bad hair transplant operation results. Because who would want a scar when they already experience hair loss?


When you look for hair transplant results, you may notice that some people’s donor areas look sparse and some of them even have fading white dots on their donor areas. This happens when a hair transplant surgeon overharvests the hair follicles from the donor area. Even though it may not seem like a big deal right after the hair transplant surgery, the long-term results change your look immensely. Overharvesting is the work of an inexperienced and overeager hair transplant surgeon who will give you a bad hair transplant operation.

How do I avoid a bad hair transplant surgery?

Don’t let what you just read above make you feel disheartened. There may be bad hair transplant results on the internet as well as good hair transplant results.

Here’s what to look for when you choose a hair transplant clinic or a hair transplant doctor.

Find a good hair transplant clinic in Turkey

Turkish hair transplant clinics are the leading hair transplant clinics around the world. Hair transplant in Turkey almost always involves experienced medical teams that use the most modern technologies for hair transplant operations.

Find a good hair transplant doctor in Turkey

Finding a good hair transplant doctor in Turkey is not the hardest thing to do, but finding the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey may not be easy. The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey will be an experienced doctor who is also an experienced plastic surgeon. For example, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin is an experienced plastic surgeon who works with the best hair transplant medical teams. Dr. Keskin has an aesthetic view when it comes to drawing his patients’ hairlines as well as his consulting sessions with his patients involve a thorough scalp test.

Find the reviews for the hair transplant clinic you want to visit (or the doctor!)

Positive reviews speak volumes for a Turkish hair transplant clinic’s quality and work ethic. The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey will have happy patients as well as positive reviews. Don’t be afraid to Google, that’s how you learn!

Avoid hair transplant clinics that won’t give you hair transplant treatment packages

We at Capital Hair Center know that a hair transplant surgery shouldn’t cost based on the graft count a patient needs. That’s why our hair transplant treatments involve hair transplant treatment packages. The graft count of a patient may change but within our hair treatment packages, none of our patients don’t have to face higher costs because they may need more grafts than was first anticipated.

Be diligent after your hair transplant in Turkey

After your hair transplant operation, you have to be diligent in your post-operative hair care. If you don’t take care of your grafts and your scalp after your hair transplant in Turkey, you may experience complications. Our hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Capital Hair Center, does follow up with its patients because we deeply care about your post-operative well-being. But you also need to take care of yourself and follow our instructions after your hair transplant operation in Turkey.




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