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How to Stop Hair Loss

Regardless of your gender, when you experience hair loss it is frustrating at best, and health-debilitating at worst. But what to do when you experience hair loss? Do you accept it? Or would you like to find out how to stop hair loss if possible?

We gathered some hair loss treatments to prevent hair loss including revolutionary treatments like PRP and Ozonfect.

Find Out the Underlying Cause of Your Hair Loss

Hair loss causes vary for everyone. Some experience hair loss because they’re experiencing stress, some experience hair loss because it’s genetic and their parents experienced hair loss when they’re at their children’s age as well.

Here are some of the hair loss causes:

Hair loss due to style

Tight ponytails, trying to pin down small hair strands with bobby pins, and brushing your hair with tough brushes. Even blow-drying your hair and having lovely curls as a result. The reason for your hair loss might be as easy as styling. Don’t use hair accessories that will put a strain on your hair strands and certainly brush your hair with a soft brush with natural fibers.

Hair loss due to harsh chemicals

Blonde or red hair may look amazing on you but when a person doesn’t have these colors naturally, we all know they end up in a hair salon to get the desired colors. Even though these hair colors may look good on you, but harsh chemicals like bleach damage your hair in the long run and you start experiencing hair loss. Darker colors may not be safe either. There are healthier options for hair dyes, try to find them and learn the art of hair dye and go to a hair salon you trust. After the hair dye, we still recommend you use special shampoos to keep the damage to a minimum.

Hair loss due to underlying medical conditions

Medical conditions like thyroid problems or having low testosterone may be the reason for your hair loss. You should be aware that these problems need medical care and you should consult your physician to get informed about your hair loss cause. You may need to visit an endocrinologist to learn everything about your hormones.

Hair loss due to genetic disposition

Does your family have a history of hair loss? Even though most people think that hair loss genes come from the father if the hair loss gene is coming from your mother’s family, this kind of hair loss may be even more aggressive compared to your father’s family genes. This kind of hair loss is usually explained as male pattern hair loss. Even though problems like low testosterone are attributed to this type of hair loss, it’s not the only thing responsible. When it comes to male pattern hair loss, topical and pill medicinal treatments may help to stop hair loss, but these medicinal treatments don’t bring your hair back. So if you want to regain your hair, more effective treatments like hair transplant operations are necessary.

What Then If Your Problem Is Genetic and You Need a Hair Transplant Operation?

There are many hair transplant techniques and each treats a certain kind of hair loss. Let’s look at some of the hair transplant methods and which hair transplant technique you may need based on your hair loss:

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

Not everyone is eligible for a DHI hair transplant or wants a DHI hair transplant for themselves.

You can have a DHI hair transplant;

  1. If your hair loss is not extensive and you don’t need a high graft count,
  2. If you want a no-shave hair transplant,
  3. You’re a woman and you’re not eligible for an FUE hair transplant or a Sapphire FUE hair transplant. Hair loss in women is mostly different from men and they need a different approach.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Also known as Micro FUE hair transplant can be suitable for most men with hair loss. Taking its micro name from the micromotor to work the FUE blades are made of steel.

You can have an FUE hair transplant;

  1. If your hair loss is extensive and the hair transplant doctor in Turkey decided to work more than one area on your scalp,
  2. If you don’t want a DHI hair transplant,
  3. Your hair loss is not in the frontal area.

Sapphire FUE

Also known as Sapphire FUE Micro FUE hair transplant, Sapphire FUE can be viewed as less invasive version of Micro FUE hair transplant. We at Capital Hair Center recommend Sapphire FUE to most patients who have extensive hair loss. Hair loss in women doesn’t usually require Sapphire FUE as hair loss in men warrants a hair transplant method like Sapphire FUE hair transplant.

You can have a Sapphire FUE hair transplant;

  1. If your hair loss is extensive and the hair transplant doctor in Turkey decided it’s necessary to work more than one area on your scalp,
  2. If your hair loss is extensive yet you want a less invasive hair transplant method yet even more effective hair transplant method than the classic FUE hair transplant,
  3. You want your healing to go faster and you want to return to your daily life than earlier predicted after a classical FUE hair transplant.

Hair transplants should only be done by the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey. For example, Dr. Ekrem Keskin, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, is more than capable of doing all the hair transplant methods for both hair loss in men and hair loss in women. As the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we don’t determine the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey based on the graft count you need but rather on treatment packages. Our hair treatment packages in Turkey are determined based on our patients’ needs which include accommodation, car services, first wash after the hair transplant, and PRP therapy. They can also choose to have Ozonfect therapy which is a revolutionary hair treatment for hair loss founded by Dr. Ekrem Keskin. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about hair transplant in Turkey.






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