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Which Is the Best Hair Transplant Surgery for You

Which Is the Best Hair Transplant Surgery For You ?

Hair transplant surgery has been gaining traction for years, and finally, it is a popular and high-in-demand treatment option for people battling hair loss. With the normalization of aesthetic surgeries and people’s changing perception of what a healthy person should look like, most people now see hair transplant surgery as necessary. In contrast, they used to ridicule and think of the surgery as something unnecessarily invasive. Because of the ever-changing technological advancements, hair transplant surgeries are not what they used to be. A hair transplant technique like FUT is now considered invasive and, in some cases, downright arcane. Hair transplant in Turkey has become popular due to two main reasons:
  1. Hair clinics in Turkey have been the first and the most eager to adopt the most modern hair transplant techniques.
  2. Plastic surgeons in Turkey foresaw where the hair transplant industry was heading long before, so the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey is most likely the best hair transplant doctor in the world as well.
Doctors like Dr. Ekrem Keskin, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, were also to adopt the most modern hair transplant techniques. So hair transplant clinics in Turkey became the leading examples for hair transplant surgeries. There are many different hair transplant techniques, all of which are unique and require different expertise. But with so many options available, how do you know which is right for you? And which one is the best hair transplant surgery for you? What should you do? This post delves into the types of hair transplant surgeries available, the cost implications, the recovery process involved, and more. By the end, you should have a good understanding of the different options available to you and be able to choose the best hair transplant surgery for you.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE hair transplant technique may be the most requested hair transplant surgery today. It is a minimally invasive procedure involving the extraction of individual hair follicles from the scalp donor area. The hair transplant doctor then transplants these hair follicles into the balding area, resulting in a natural-looking result. The advantages of FUE are that it is relatively quick, the scarring is minimal, and the recovery period is short. However, it requires a skilled hair transplant doctor and a lot of manual labor, which can make it a costly option. Because it can be an expensive option, a hair transplant surgery in Turkey attracts more people from European and American countries since the cost is more affordable for an average working person. Also, as mentioned above, the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey are already better and certainly more experienced than their other country counterparts.

Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE can be the best hair transplant surgery for patients with very thinning hair or receding hairlines. Although Sapphire FUE may look like a typical FUE surgery, the devices that the hair transplant doctors use for the surgery make the results significantly better and more natural-looking. Sapphire-tipped blades are easier to use compared to traditional FUE blades. Because a skilled doctor implants the hair follicles at an angle, giving a 3D effect, the results become more natural. The recovery time is even shorter than a traditional FUE surgery. However, a Sapphire FUE surgery can be expensive and needs the best hair transplant doctor. A hair clinic in Turkey is most likely to have the best options when it comes to Sapphire FUE surgeries, so a hair transplant in Turkey should be at the top of every hair transplant candidate’s list.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

DHI, or direct hair implantation, is an advanced version of FUE. It involves the use of a unique device called a Choi pen. Skilled hair transplant doctors like Dr. Ekrem Keskin use Choi-pen to insert the hair directly into the scalp. Thanks to the Choi implanter, the hair transplant doctor extracts the hair follicle from the donor area and, with an angle change, implants the hair follicles to the area with hair loss. In a DHI surgery, it is unnecessary to put the hair grafts into a particular container to preserve them. Shaving the scalp is not necessary for a DHI surgery. Especially for women and men who don’t want to shave their heads, DHI can be the best hair transplant surgery for them. The DHI technique is much quicker than FUE surgeries, less invasive than all hair transplant techniques, and less trauma is inflicted on the patient’s skin. However, the procedure can be less affordable. It also requires a skilled doctor like Dr. Ekrem Keskin, the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, and his DHI team. Because an FUE hair transplant team doesn’t get involved with a DHI surgery. A DHI hair surgery requires its own skilled hair transplant surgery team.

Choosing the best hair transplant surgery for you can be difficult, but understanding the options available can help you make the best choice. Whether you opt for FUE, Sapphire FUE, or DHI, choosing the best hair transplant doctor and being realistic with your expectations is essential.

If affordability is one of your more significant concerns when it comes to hair transplants, hair transplant clinics in Turkey have their advantages, and one of these advantages is affordability.




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