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You may think that a hair transplant is not your option if you have curly hair. After all, hair transplants are typically associated with straight hair. But that’s not the case! There are plenty of people with curly hair who have had successful hair transplant surgery. Moreover, curly hair is not a contraindication for a hair transplant operation. Here’s what you need to know about hair transplants for people with curly hair.

Will the transplanted hair be curly?

Curly hair may be an advantage when it comes to hair transplants. That’s because curly hair tends to be more resistant to the effects of balding. This means that the donor area (the area of the head from which the transplanted hair is taken) is often less affected by balding. As a result, there is usually more donor hair available for hair transplantation. In addition, curly hair may provide better camouflage for the transplanted hair. That’s because the transplanted hair will blend better with the existing curly hair. 

One of the most common questions people ask about hair transplants is, “will the transplanted hair be curly?” The answer is yes! The transplanted hair will be the same type of hair as the hair in the donor area. So if you have curly hair, the transplanted hair will be curly. This is not a problem for most people, as they are happy to have any hair. However, if you are not pleased with the idea of having curly hair, you may want to consider a different type of hair transplant. 

Why does curly hair lead to some problems in hair transplant operations?

There are a lot of people out there who are unhappy with their hair. They may have lost their hair due to illness, genetics, or over-styling. Whatever the reason, these people often turn to hair transplants to regain their lost hair. However, hair transplants are not always successful. They can sometimes even make the problem worse. This is particularly true for those with curly hair. Well, it has to do with the way that curly hair grows. Curly hair grows spiral. This means that the follicles that produce the hair are also spiral-shaped. 

When a hair transplant is performed, the surgeon will remove grafts from the back of the head and transplant them to the front. However, because the grafts are spiral-shaped, they will not always grow in the same direction as the natural follicles in the front of the head. This can result in a very unnatural-looking hairline. The transplanted hair may stick straight out, or it may grow in all different directions. It can even grow inwards, towards the center of the head. However, some points should be avoided to get the best result from transplants for curly hair. If these points are taken into consideration, a good result can be obtained from curly hair.

How can you deal with your curly hair in a hair transplant operation?

We have explained above that it is difficult but not impossible to transplant hair on curly hair. So how to deal with the difficulties encountered during hair transplantation on curly hair?

First, you can try to find a surgeon experienced in performing hair transplants on people with curly hair. This way, they will know how to place the follicles to grow in the right direction. Second, you can ask the surgeon to remove the strands from the back of the head in a spiral pattern. This will assist in ensuring that they will grow in the same direction as the natural follicles in the front of the head. Third, you can try to relax your hair before the surgery. This will help to make it easier for the surgeon to place the follicles in the right direction. Fourth, you can ask the surgeon to use a different method of transplanting the follicles. 

One option is to transplant them in a zig-zag pattern. This can help ensure that the follicles are not transplanted in the same direction as the natural ones. Finally, you can try to wear your hair in a style that covers up the transplanted hair. This could not be the ideal solution, but it can help to make the transplanted hair less noticeable. 

The most difficult example of curly hair: How is hair transplantation in Afro-type hair?

The Afro-type hair transplant is a new hair transplant procedure that is specifically designed for people with African-American hair. The Afro-type hair transplant is performed similarly to a traditional FUE hair transplant. The main advantage of the Afro-type hair transplant is that it can provide patients with a much more natural-looking result. The Afro-type hair transplant can also be used to correct previous hair transplant procedures that have resulted in an unnatural-looking appearance. The main drawback of the Afro-type hair transplant is that it is a relatively new procedure, so it is not yet widely available. Only a handful of surgeons are trained to perform Afro-type hair transplants. Let’s look at the features of afro-type hair and how surgeons can perform hair transplants for Afro-type hair.

What are the characteristics of Afro-type hair?

Afro hair has distinct characteristics that set it apart from other hair types. The following things are the characteristics and differences of Afro-type hair:

  1. Afro hair is shorter and has a medium-high hairline, whereas other hair types have a higher hairline.
  2. The curly hair structure of black men can sometimes make the FUE method difficult to apply. This issue, however, can be solved with Afro- hair specific blade tips and competent teams.
  3. Afro-type hair is distinct from other hair grafts in that it is naturally curly.


What is Fox Test?

A FOX Test involves the surgeon extracting approximately 100 grafts from the donor area to determine how many complete grafts can be extracted. Because Afro hair follicles curl beneath the skin, it’s critical to determine whether these roots are suitable for extraction.


How is afro hair transplantation can be done?

In curled Afro-type hair, the twist starts from the hair root due to the structure of the hair. Therefore, it may be difficult to take grafts without damaging the neighboring roots during the extraction of the roots by micromotor. In addition, it requires expertise to take the graft without disturbing the follicular structure of the graft. For this reason, hair transplantation may fail if the person performing the application is not experienced. When placing hair grafts in the channels opened due to the curved structure of the hair, the right angle is determined, and a more natural appearance is tried to be acquired.


A hair transplant is a practical option for people with curly hair. Curly hair may be an advantage when it comes to hair transplants. The transplanted hair will be curly and require the same care as your natural hair. In conclusion, hair transplants can be an excellent solution for people with curly hair who have lost their hair. However, finding an experienced surgeon and choosing the proper method of transplanting the follicles is essential.

At Capital Hair Center, Dr. Ekrem Keskin can do a hair transplant operation for curly hair without any problems. A hair transplant in Turkey would be more effective for those who have curly hair, thanks to competent and experienced doctors.




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